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esmie vassell

Born and raised in Jamaica, Esmie has a natural love for reggae music.

At the tender age of four, Esmie started singing in Sunday school and as soon as she entered grade school, she began performing and acting in school concerts and plays. When Esmie got older, she joined the church choir and was quickly chosen to sing solos. She didn't get her first taste of "show business" until she immigrated to the U.S. and again, the church was her springboard.

Joining her sister in Boston, Esmie was quickly tapped to sing in her sister's church choir and once again, asked to solo. Buoyed to positive feedback at the church, Esmie decided to seriously pursue her singing career in gospel, country, calypso and reggae music. In 1996 (and now living in Atlanta), Esmie entered in an Atlanta Festival Competition and, although she didn't win, she felt comfortable standing on a stage in front of a large audience. Once again, her spirits were bolstered by compliments on her performance; Esmie also performed at The Peacock Club in Atlanta, she was also invited by the Jamaican Consulate to perform at the Montego Bay/ Atlanta Sisters Association.

Esmie's acting career also picked up speed, and she performed in plays "Rain" at the Atlanta's Theatre in The Square; "who's Life is it Anyway?" at Southside Theatre and scored small roles in several movies including Fled, In the Heat of the Night, Past the Bleachers and The Witch Catcher. She also modeled for Atlanta fashion shows and women's clothes stores. With her innate sense of style and comfortable stage presence, Esmie was selected to teach modeling and acting for commercials at Barbizon school for Modeling in Atlanta.

Not stopping here, Esmie is a gifted writer who pens her own song as well as skits for TV69 Atlanta. Esmie's songs tell a story they are written from her heart; they are sung from the heart.

Not afraid to show her emotions on stage, Esmie captivates audiences with her voice, her lyrics, her moves and her style.

This is Esmie: Straight from the heart.

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