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kezia the poet

kezia, a native of Memphis, TN, is a spoken word artist, author and social entrepreneur. Emerging from shyness and deep insecurity, kezia discovered her place of comfort between pen and paper. As she grew and after completing several years of theatre training during high school, she developed an insatiable love for performing arts and the stage. 9 years ago, kezia began to actively pursue spoken word. As she began to establish herself, she began working on a spoken word album entitled "matters of the heart"​ and released it in 2009. Prior to that, she linked up with a good friend and fellow poet, Louis Bryant, to release a book of poetry called "Unclassifiable: Entries from Entities. Soon after these two creative endeavors, she began receiving requests to travel to different areas of the country to share poetry and spoken word. In pursuit of her dreams, kezia took a leap of faith and relocated to Maryland in 2012. She partnered with a Christian poetry movement called TrueVoices and was invited to be a co-leader of the new DC chapter of TrueVoices. In 2013, kezia released her sophomore album entitled "something to say". Recently, Kezia was awarded the 2013 DMV Christian Music Award for Spoken Word Artist of the Year. In March 2015, kezia released her third album, the comfort zone EP. She currently works in child advocacy, facilitates write&say poetry workshops, completing a second book and pursuing other creative and personal endeavors.