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"Beautiful music, so strangely familiar to me, yet hauntingly new and different. Exquisite. A completely different experience from other meditation music, a level of subtlety that resonates within and enriches the world." Peter (Australia)

samjjana's music is deeply soothing, soul nourishing, blissful and speaks to the heart. Not fitting easily into any genre, they prefer to describe it as 'new consciousness music'.

They feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to touch people's lives with their unique instruments, original compositions, improvisations, soulful songs, harmonies and chants. Their instruments include the hang ~ an enchanting, ethereal, profoundly gentle instrument that has been described as 'for this world, but not of this world', harps, wooden flutes and singing bowls.

samjjana was a music duo from 2009-2013. Their music lives on in their albums and videos. Their music is dedicated to the aspiring heart of humanity and its journey towards a higher consciousness.

samjjana’s first three instrumental albums (Gently Now, Elixir and Peace Within) honour the raw simplicity of their unique instruments, while their last album ‘Follow your Bliss’ took a new direction...where they immersed themselves in the creative joy of multi layering, adding vocals to offer many beautiful and potent messages, and inviting guest musicians to bring their special brand of magic through percussion and strings.

Being very different from their previous albums, 'Follow your Bliss' is bound to surprise and delight those familiar with their music while preserving what was special about their previous albums ~ the offering of a delicate tapestry of soothing, nurturing simplicity and a blissful expanse in which to rest in the tranquility of Self.

A percentage of profits from their albums are donated to the Playing For Change Foundation ( in support of their wonderful ‘peace through music' initiatives and projects.