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ty hodson here writing to you, dear listener, from about eight feet underground in my home base at sublevel9 studios. i decided that rather than ghost writing an appropriately detached bio that makes me sound important and cool, i'd write this instead. from me to you. the studio's thrumming tonight because i'm listening to some cabaret voltaire circa 1980. everyone has gone off to bed, and the night is mine... so what can i tell you about square_wave? i have a predilection for introspective music, i think because of the strong visual associations (both real and imagined) that i have with music. my earliest musical memories have me planted in front of my dad's mcintosh mpi4 oscilloscope listening to things like mike oldfield's 'tubular bells' or 'eric burdon declares "war"'. i loved watching the curved, loopy shapes on the oscilloscope dancing and morphing to the music. maybe that 'scope is the connection to the name 'square_wave'. i hadn't really thought about it before... nowadays i'm lucky to be able to dabble with all sorts of interesting analog synths and devices, and some conventional instruments as well. i record to tape as much as possible, using the computer mainly as a glorified tape machine. though not militantly anti-digital or anti-midi, i tend to eschew the digital realm while creating music, favoring instead the solid, heavy, sometimes temperamental world of analog circuitry and sounds... and yes, i have an oscilloscope here: an old tektronix rm503 tube 'scope. i still love watching those green traces drawing their shapes while i throw my created sounds around. i record music that speaks to me. i hope it speaks to you too.