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the scott 4 free rock orchestra

The mission is over. Scott 4 formed in 1995 by Scott Blixen & Ed Tilley has
ceased to be. However from the ashes a new thing is born: THE SCOTT 4
FREE ROCK ORCHESTRA, a new line up is built around B-sox, E.T., The Most
Emperor Mingus & Billy Ray Sawtooth, plus a heavenly host of collaborators.

The chapter is closed on both the European Punks and Scott 4.
The Free Rockers embark on a new saga with the release of the first
SCOTT 4 FREE ROCK ORCHESTRA album, titled 'E-S-P'.

The Free Rock mission sets out to party on the righteous cosmic oneness,
harness the power of sonic healing and demand universal human
understanding. The introductory ‘manifesto’, The Glory and The Story of
Free Rock is available to anyone on order from FRO HQ. If the language
and mission statements make you smile then the new mission has already
begun. If you sigh at the pomposity even better. The FREE ROCK ORCHESTRA
has taken over an experimental pop group for progressive and humanistic
purposes. In these times of ultra-cynicism, the use of humour as a back door
weapon is an IMPERATIVE. The FREE ROCKERS are howling at the world to
wake up and get ready for INEVITABLE change. To end the put-downs and
to start the PUT-UPs, EMPOWER! your fellow man & woman. Look out in the
cosmos for your inspiration and see the flyblown -upsidedowny-dirtyunderpant
nature of the earth-now.