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UBI QUITOUS ゆび きたす 遊日 氣多寿

ゆび きたす Ubi Quitous 遊日 氣多寿

UBI QUITOUS ゆび きたす 遊日 氣多寿 Biography

地球で聴ける宇宙の音楽 / Cozmic music you can hear on the Earth / 在地球能聽到的宇宙音樂 /
La musica del universo que suena en la Tierra

From 2002 to the present, as the leader of the band "FU えふゆー得浮遊",
released 5CDs and wrote all songs and lyrics.
Released 1st solo album "ゆびきたす世界 The Ubi Quitous World 遊日氣多寿的世界" in 2013.

Most of the songs come from his dream or daydream, and they're already written.

UBI QUITOUS & FU have performed at notable festivals in Japan,
Taiwan(Spring Scream 春天吶喊 2012, 2013) and Canada(Indie Week 2011,
NXNE2012, 2013), toured in China, Hongkong, and USA to the present.
Appeared on many radio programs, interviews, magazines and TV shows in
several countries.

The 3rd album " LOVE I LOVE" was produced by Malcolm Burn, a
Grammy-award winning producer, who has worked with Bob Dylan, Daniel
Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, etc.
FU is the first band that Malcolm Burn produces in the sphere of Japan
and Asia. The album is critically acclaimed in USA, Canada and Japan.

" FU craft a lustrous, epic, major label-worthy record..."
" FU run the gamut of Westernized modern rock, finding a proverbial
connection with the listener..." (exclaim! mag / Canada)

" It’s not possible to really categorize the sound achieved by the
band, working with Grammy Award winning producer Malcolm Burn.
Think Muse with invented language. Think about what Peter Gabriel
must hear inside his head before he records." ('Round Magazine / USA)

" FU-A fantastic new Japanese band" (Malcolm Burn / Producer )

The song "On No Words" from "LOVE I LOVE" was selected for the
finalists from over 1600 songwriters from 45 countries around the
world in the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest.

FU hosted a monthly, 30 minutes internet radio show " FU's IZIGEN
ONGAKU TANKENTAI" at TOKYO NET RADIO, the most popular net radio
station in Japan for two years.The show has topped the chart in May

The 4th album " FU ON THE EARTH!!!" (International Edition) was
released in Canada during INDIE WEEK 2011in Oct. In INDIE WEEK 2011,
FU is the only band from Japan that performed four successional days.

On Dec 4th, "FU ON THE EARTH!!! Full Edition" was released at their
headline show in Tokyo.

“…as the three-piece blazes through guitar-based music that calls up
everything from The Appleseed Cast’s optimistically growing epics to
Rage Against the Machine’s guitar noodling to the Gin Blossoms’
mid-’90s alt-countryish guitar rock.”(Independent Clauses/USA)

FU performed at Spring Scream 2012 and 2013, one of Taiwan's largest
international festivals annually held in April since 1995.

FU performed as the only band from Japan out of 800 bands at NXNE2012,
the most anticipated summer music festival in Toronto, Canada.

"I was hypnotized by their innovative melodies and unique singing
style. I have not yet seen anything like this before."
(Music Psychos / Canada)

“FU 10th Anniversary EP” was released on Sep 1st.

On January 23rd, Ubi Quitous released his first solo album called ゆび
きたす世界 The Ubi Quitous World 遊日氣多寿的世界" and embarked on tour for 3weeks
in Japan.

FU has toured in China in April, 16 shows including solo performances
of Ubi Quitous, called "Top of Japanese Post-rock band FU 2013 Greater
China Tour & FU's vocal “UBI QUITOUS” 2013 Beijing Tour".

On May 6th, UBI QUITOUS organized a festival called "The
Ta-Zigen@Za-Kouenji GW Festival 多次元@座高円寺フェスティバル" in Tokyo.
FU has toured and performed in Japan with many foreign bands, "Brutal
Truth(USA)", "ARF(Switzerland)", "I Saw The Deep(Netherlands)",
"Lucy's Crown(Australia)" and so on.

UBI has toured in China in July "UTA&UBI SummerTour 2013,
人气电音女伶UTA悬铃木+日本音乐才子UBI QUITOUS 夏季巡演" with UTA悬铃木.


FU えふゆー得浮遊
LOVE I LOVE (2010)
FU ON THE EARTH!!! Full Edition (2011)
FU 10th Anniversary EP (2012)

UBI QUITOUS ゆび きたす 遊日 氣多寿
The Ubi Quitous World 遊日氣多寿的世界(2013)


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