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VERS VERS Convelly Perfer not to say

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vers convelly

A  man can go to war with 10,000 million Strong and stand threw the adversity,but yet find not a thing 

in the game of life the strong live to fright a better day how berry the first fruit , and a dog with find his way home and the weak will perish in there weaknesses.  

life is center around a business , in life it never person always business. Don't let people tear threw your time away, because it always your time . and real is 

what you make it to be, let your field grown . because is easy be how we be , pimp ,hustler, player going to do what they do hater going  to talk 

these "NYE" is all i need to pro Sean to get what i need.It is a man world, and only the strong will live and and the weak will die off.We die alone,So do what you do 

best,Because only god can Judy us. and till that day ,done even trust your self, as on earth is in haven. So can't said the devil made you do anything, because he 
come form the some hands that made you, god is a jellies, pick and choices  your bats,  what watch what speck up on. and respect is grounds and the flavor that 

he do up unto you, and make peace with in haven., And the day come to pass and the devil confront with his test the Lord my god said to me today,

Your enemy is going to hate , why because the see you not of the world , I gave the strong of

10,000 as they Della in and feast in there witch calf , and proper them self for there evil deeds

Of death . There deeds and prays will not work , As on earth is in haven you Della with me

Scene you like to know the real word he share with me , Justice is you I'm the justice., They said they do when great gave wisdom take it , they

Friend will turn emeny and listing to the old make because what new

Have been the man cafe and have master and expose there cafe .

You can keep running , now is forever and fever is now