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Wild Dogs

WILD DOGS BEGAN IN 1981 IN A SE PORTLAND BASEMENT... to be continued.....and were a recording studio band the students could record and we got demos... matt sawmike varney the guitar guru on MTV with veejay jj jackson and he was looking for bands with good guitarists for his unsung guitar hero compilation .. we sent a tape and ( it had a cover of a couple in rubber suits doing "something" to one another we were never sure what gender the people were or what was goin on in the pic so we figured it would get noticed.. voila we got noticed and a letter back... oh the old days when you opened an envelope ...
mike was interested and wanted to hear more - so we were scheduled to do more classes... and THAT resulted in a full length lp deal later on ( after all we had a full lp almost recorded for FREE at recording associates... bada bing woop woop wow ...( Matt here:" i had already had a "record deal" which i discovered was relaly only the label guy paying for manufacturing of vinyl and some artwork and after his part was paid of then we could split the $1.00 between the 4 of us for each record sold and more importantly) PAID FOR BY THE DISTRIBUTOR which seemed to have a history of not paying... hmmmm strange business this.. BUT not today cuzI do it Myyy WAYYYY here at cdbaby.... both drummers came form the band B;lack n Blue who later had a few records on geffen and major tours and even on MTV with shiny vidoeos - they were and still are what i consider the professional ya neeed to be they were rockstars in high schoo as a band called jet and we had 3 members of that legacy in our little troupe. dan kurth was the lead guitarist in Jet, the high school band everyone wanted to be in. jeff came up in the nightclub cover band circuit and I was the arty punk rocker dude who "didnt wanna do a cover band" i;d already worked that scene as a roadie at age 13 at the local club ... and had a record out called the ravers i was a teenage rocknroller... yeah im that guy who has that strange album with me as a vampire... .. so we all came from different corners of the compass and then after the drummers left to be rockstars in LA and 40 auditions( too bad video cameras werent around then!... we found deen and he came over and destroyed jaime st jame;s drums.. and was ltaerally the last guy we were tryin out... a little convincing that a 350lb 17 yr old kid who played too loud and put more chops into one song than most did in a week... was our guy... and then the gigs started, which of course takes your mind off the songwriters group we were here at usmetal i wi l say right now . it;s me.. matt mccourt im the Ed Wood of rocknroll and i didnt want all this energy to go to waste ... but tryin to be a rickstar doesnt lend itself to making a life or getting an education that would afford you for me... ALL the music i make here is so i dont feel like ive wasted my time here.. ill tellya the rest of the story at but right now... how bout checkin out some of these cool jams....* cheeers