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Bowie is a singer/songwriter/guitarist with a rich bass voice. He performs primarily original music (Rhythm-Folk) with a trio, and as a solo artist. The Bowie threeOh consists of acoustic guitar/vocal, electric bass, and congas/hand percussion.

Upcoming Gigs:

- Wed 10/14/15 - Bowie Solo at Mbargo ( 804-222-6500) - 7:00-9:30pm
- Sun 01/03/16 - Bowie Solo at Carytown Cupcakes ( 804-355-2253) - 1:30-4:30pm

Bowie's music has been described as organic, but it doesn't fit neatly into one category. With the acoustic guitar and the minimal instrumentation it's got a folk vibe. But, there's definitely blues, rock, and other influences up in some of the songs.

The songs are not about complicated/impressive solos or musical virtuosity. The songs are about what the lyrics are about, and the musical incarnation of that experience, that feeling, that piece of life... Listen to his lyrics.

Bowie didn't start writing songs until he was forty seven. He spent all those years working the day job, trying to make ends meet, and raising a family. His songs are about those experiences, relationships, feelings, and questions that we've all had.

"As a performing artist I don't do many covers. I've focused almost exclusively on my own music for the past several years. Other people's songs don't necessarily mean anything to me. But, my own songs are coming from the heart."