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In the tender age of 12 I’ve started up with playing guitar. Supported by my dad, who quit his own musical career, my history began.
Inspired by Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones and the rest of the 60th and 70th , I´ve founded my first band, HIGH VOLTAGE, in 1979.

As the youngest band (13-16) in a huge german TV-contest in 1982 we hit the headlines for winning the first prize.
Numerous concerts arranged by radiostations, a jingle for a radioshow and a single released by EMI ELECTROLA - Germany followed.
The schoolband-era ended 1987,when I formed the band T.A.X..

Michael Müller and Axel Kruse joined this band in 1990 and JADED HEART was born.
After trying desperately to get a record deal for JH, I was already well known in the scene and different offers came along.
But the only interest in the band was my voice, or better, only me. So I´ve met a lot of guys and made my experiences by trying out different things, without leaving my baby...

J.R. BLACKMORE´s SUPERSTITION was the first grade on my way. I´ve performed for the first time on foreign stages. During a long tour thru CSSR in 1990 I had the chance to prove my talent night by night in a different city.

Still looking for a deal with JADED HEART, another band named LETTER X
crossed my way . 1992 they were looking for a singer and producer "FRANK BORNEMANN", who knew me from several demos, asked me to join in. Because of the progressiv style I didn´t wanna become a real bandmember. After one year and a lot of shows I´ve left the band.

In the beginning of 1993 "GABY HAUKE" (MANAGER OF ACCEPT), called me up. A well known band was looking for a new singer. That was BONFIRE. By the way. In 1991 "GABY" offered me a deal under the condition, that I had to leave my band (JH). I refused….

At this point I´d like to mention, that I had a lot of offers like this. Today it´s hard to say, why I didn´t use my chances......I know, that I´ve always had principles. I grew up like this and I guess, my parents did a great job in teaching me the right things in in life. Until today the most important things for me are honesty and loyalty. Just to avoid misunderstandings. I´ve always decided the way, I thought it´s right. I don´t regred a single thing!

Back to BONFIRE......A long tour and a lot of gigs in a two years decade was all that happend.
During that time I´ve also recorded an album with J.R.Blackmore´s Superstition, which came out in the end of 1993. It took almost 3 three years, to finally end up the sessions from 1989/90. BOB ROSE ( George Harrison ), produced the album, that we´ve recorded in different famous studios. Amazing to be in the same studio like DEF LEPPARD or QUEEN (Rockfield Studios).

In 1994 the first JADED HEART-album "Inside Out" finally was released. In the first 4 years we´ve recorded probably 60 to 80 songs. Our 13 faves were taken for this album, that LONG ISLAND RECORDS released. I guess without SONDY SONDERBAUER we still wouldn´t have a recorddeal for JH ;-).............

Because of the good responses to this album, which was produced, mixed and recorded by my dad and me in our own studio, I´ve got my first producerjob. That was a german band named STEEL DAWN (released on Long Island Records 1994) . This was my first experience as a producer. I mean, I´ve always made everything and I sure knew all about it, but this time it was different. There were some foreign rockers in my studio. It wasn´t my music and my band....This was really a f.... great time. From this moment on I knew, that this is my thing!

In 1995, chosen out of 2500 singers, I won the first prize in LINDA DE MOL`S SOUNDMIXSHOW, broadcasted on europeans biggist TV-channel "RTL". I´ve performed BON JOVI`s "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE". I must say, that I really loved this very special experience. For JH it wasn´t very helpfull. Nobody wanted a german BON JOVI, especially not in the metal-scene. On the other hand, and here I´m talking about my person, I loved the hype.. You wouldn´t believe how many people came to my "BON JOVI-COVERSHOWS". The people treated me, like I was Mr BJ..... The chicks were crying on their knees (I´m not talking about only a handfull...) Never before and never again I had so many fans.... Sad but true! TV makes the world go round, or so.... ;-)

1996 SLAVES & MASTERS, second JADED-album appeared. Right after that, we have been touring a lot thru Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium. 1997, after touring with JADED HEART as support of AXXIS, I came together with a good old friend, SINNER`S guitarist Alex Beyrodt. Alex already played on several songs on the JADED -stuff.

By the way. I´ve been about a thousand times on stage and I´ve played a lot of support-tours, but nobody treated us worse than the guys from AXXIS!

In the end of 1997, Alex & me formed the project THE SYGNET. The album " Children of the future" , which was the only thing together, was released in September 1998. Right after the release we´ve toured Germany as support of DORO. A very nice person! The whole band was great.
During the studiosessions to "Children of the furure", JADED HEART released their third album, Mystery Eyes, in March 98 (Nov. 97´in Japan).Same year in Mai 98 the recordingsessions from 1993 with BONFIRE, came out under the name CHARADE.

As the one or the other knows, I still spend most of my summertime on Rhodes,Greece, every year since 1994. The club is called COLORADO PUB and it is the greatest thing on this island! So, this time, in August 1997, I´ve met the guys from the norwegian band RAIN. What can I say?! Right after Rhodes I took the plane to Oslo. The rest is history..In December ´98 I took some time, to record the demos to one of my two favorite JADED-CD´s. IV This was our first record after Inside Out, with a complete band again. The result was so good, that MTM sent us to AMERICA! Yeah yeah yeah.... A dream came true. It was my first time in the USA and I didn´t wanna leave after 7 weeks..... Ok. So I got together with Mr. BOBBY BARTH (AXE, BLACKFOOT, GUILD OF AGES /CITA ). That was, what I call a producer! Great musician, great guy, great everything! I don´t wanna miss this time! IV came out in November then.

Only six month later I was invited into the NEH-STUDIOS, to write songs for AXE ( THE CROWN ) and GUILD OF AGES ( CITADEL ).12 songs out of 15 songs were taken. I was really proud. The little german writes songs for the big americans.

Just back from the states, in the beginning of 2000, I took some time to write and work on my first solo-album.
A lot of people may´ask why, as I am the writer of the JH-stuff. Well, that´s simple. It´s a different style and there´s no limits…..2001 JADED HEART toured again. This was our biggest support-tour. Six weeks thru Europe. 50% in a Trailer and the other 50% in the nightliner, that BRITNEY SPEARS had right before us... GOTTHARD, the swiss soft-rockers had a lotta german fans. So we had the chance to play in front of 3000 people every night. These guys were really great to us and we had a lotta fun together. Yeah, it was very successfull , too..! ;-) Great guys!

In March, right before the GOTTHARD-TOUR, our first best of album "DIARY - 1990 - 2000" came out. It includes PREMIERE`S officiel song for the ICEHOCKEY-WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP 2000, "CHAMPION".The second song "We´ll Drag You Down", that I wrote for this event, came out on "THE JOURNEY WILL NEVER END"…

In Oktober 2001 the journey went to the AREA51 Studios, to record JADED HEART`S "The journey will never end". TOMMI NEWTON, a great guy, guitarist and producer ( HELLOWEEN, VICTORY..) , who I knew from different productions (as a choirboy…), and who mixed our best of, produced "The Journey".

2002 February. RAIN releases the first output HOUSE OF DREAMS. The work of 5 years finally appears. It took 5 years, 50 partys and about 500 beers in Oslo to fulfil this record. Or more?? Who knows??I
In March my first SOLO-CD came out and right after we (JH) had to perform for BEHRINGER & PRO LIGHT at the huge music-convention in Frankfurt/Germany. Right after I can sign an endorsement-deal with BEHRINGER for using their studio-equipment.

Before I went into the BARFLY-STUDIOS in November, to record the vox for the 2nd BISS-record, I wrote and recorded the 2nd CHARADE-album with ANGEL SCHLEIFER.
After that the time had come, to record the demos for the first Trust-session. Jaded´s No. 6.

During the first month of 2003, I´ve decided to go professional studiowise. With the help of some friends I´ve built a brandnew studio and my label was born. RMB-Records and the RMB-Studios!March 2003:

The 2nd session of TRUST was now recorded in the new studio. In Oktober I´ve made the final production and mix.

MAY: "MICHAEL VOSS" suggested me a project with him together. I liked the idea. This is what everybody knows as "20TH CENTURY BOYS". A tribute to T-REX.

In June then the swiss band BLACKBURN, who I´ve met during a show somewhere east (biggest bikerfestival in Germany) in the end of 2002 (We shared the backstage-area together with all the strippers…… ), came into my studio to record their first output "Pokerface"2004. We had such a great time....

2004 The 20TH CENTURY BOYS and Jaded´s Trust were released in February and we spent some time to get ready for the following Jaded-Tour in May. This time as headliner. For the very first time....
After almost 14 years the first headliner-tour with JADED HEART thru GERMANY. It was a great experience and a big success for us. To mention that. It was the first tour, that none of us had to pay…..
Ok, it didn´t through out a single bug, but…… ;-)

Right after coming back I´ve mixed "CHARADE II". Rhodes was calling again, so I packed my suitcases to spend all summer on the island. Everything perfect until I broke my arm two days before our show in August. One hammer never comes alone......
After a very long time and a rocky road together, JADED HEART and me are going seperate ways. That´s the way it goes sometimes…..

We had great times together in these 14 years, but nothing lasts forever…… Sure I am a little sad about that, but life goes on. I wish them all the best, as they´ll keep JADEDHEART alive. Isn´t it a bit ironic?? It sure will be totaly different. New songwriter and new singer.....Here I really have to mention, that once again in your life, even after 14 years, you still don´t know, who your friend is, or not......Sometimes I think you´ll never learn.. ;-)

In September the guys from BLACKBURN came around for some songwriting.

At the moment I´m sitting in my studio to record my second solo-album.