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Michael Knubbe

Michael Knubbe left school just barely being 17 to make a living as a professionel street-musician for the next quarter of a century. Since then a lot has changed in the life of the now 53 year old singer/songwriter from Hamburg/Germany. Meanwhile he is married and lives with his wife and two dogs in the Netherlands directly at the North-Sea. He has published more than 70 short-stories in different german magazines and after a decade of musical silence he is finally back at what he loves and knows best: the singing, playing and writing of Folk- and Countrysongs. Since he has never lost his admiration for the individuals of Country-Music like Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, Leon Redbone and especially Johnny Cash and Kinky Friedman the listener will find a very personal and emotional closeness to the genre in Michael Knubbe`s own songwriting on "my americana".
He is very proud of his "baby" as it turned out exactly like he wanted it to be.
Now he is ready for new things.
Just recently he has formed his own band in the Netherlands and if you like "my americana" please check them out:
Michael Knubbe has only just begun.