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Mike Starling

I tell stories with words, pictures and sound. You can stream my latest tunes at

The albums available here were released in the early days of CD Baby. Now, of course, compact discs are going the way of 78s and 8-track tapes, but it was a great run while it lasted. Thanks to everyone around the world who bought our music! Formats may change, but the beat goes on...


All words and music on the albums featured on this artist CD Baby site copyright ©Mike Starling. Published by Bean Hoy Music (BMI). All rights reserved. For licensing and more information about my current music, video and media projects, please visit me at

Finally, a thousand thanks to Derek Sivers, CD Baby founder, for giving independent musicians a platform; to my musical collaborators for their talent, friendship and inspiration; and to the visual artists whose work made our CDs look cool!

Please check out the websites of my fellow artists:
• Home page of the Sons of Distortion guitarist Casey Virock's current band, Porcupine.
• Home page of visual artist Chris Gall, whose "Aliens in America" illustration is the cover for the Sons of Distortion album.
• Home page of visual artist Shelly Rosenquist, whose "Musician" pastel is the cover art for my "Guitar Moods" album.
• Studio where the Sons of Distortion album was recorded, and home page of producer Mike von Muchow.
• Recording studio where all our albums are mastered, and home page of engineer Brett Huus.