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Tara Nichole

"Stand for something or you will fall for anything!"
My goal is to build compassion for people....

Please YouTUBE!! "Estrogen Revenge" :o) I PROTEST the War On Women video & "Can't Move On" (Trayvon Martin Tribute song)
by Tara Nichole Copyright 2012

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Highly charged up by the needs of our community. I WANT TO HELP.
Ask yourself how can we each can help... Positive PROGRESS requires a group effort!


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SHOW ME THE LIGHT song on NBC Morning News year long song rotation! Thank you Christopher CT Tucker for all your help! See video below for a preview. More videos to be seen at


Show Me The Light
by Tara Nichole

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are
People act the same
If you are in a new location
Or where you’ve always been
People act the same

You’ve got to reach out long
To get a hold of anyone
And there’s always a loss
A loss for words
A gap of time
I just want someone to call mine
Not trying to be stubborn, or pout
I just need someone to hear me out
Why, because
Only, because
Hope’n it’s worth saying out loud

I’m awkward, but not at will
Wish I could manage sittin’ still
I wish I could, and I might
Find someone to show me the light

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are
People act the same
If you are in a new location
Or where you’ve always been
People act the same

You’ve got to reach out long
To get a hold of anyone
And there’s always a loss
A loss for words
A gap of time
I just want someone to call mine

It’ll be alright
But I’m losing patience
When people act the same
What’s the point in waiting
If I want someone to call mine
Chance might be on my side
So I’ll sit back and store some patience for the one I’m waitin’ for

SONGS AVAILABLE for publishing and licensing with both exclusive and non-exclusive rights, amongst fractioned parts as well as for complete compositions. Please contact for details and to get started on the process of working together!

READY SET SING – Songs for inspiration and uplifting. Socially conscious, honest, and vivid accounts of life, which show as upbeat and motivational.
TARA NICHOLE – Singer-songwriter with a cause for compassion between people and gratitude for positive outlooks.
OVERALL MESSAGE – To be an enthusiast is rewarding. Best to be optimistic and make learning from experience a recurring habit. Meant to inspire you to be honest with yourself about where you are coming from. To learn how you interact with others and what your needs are from others. Understanding all people experience similar joys and pains. To show your opinions and perspective have validity and deserve the oxygen to grow, be that in views on life, love, and the adventure of personal experience.

From READY SET SING music....

To live your life with enthusiasm and try everything before you go

To accept yourself in this society of people wanting to belong

To stand for something, to stand up for yourself, to believe in yourself, and ask for help because you can

To recognize your strengths and realize to be at a low is to be at the beginning of greatness, you can always re-coop

Social commentary of how we all are rushing around to catch up with ourselves at the expense of lacking-quality relationships
The companionship between music and its listeners, listeners gain life lessons through its pleasing music company

To wear your heart on your sleeve and wonder where to go next

To be haunted by the voices in your head that make you feel conflicted with your thoughts on what is and what isn’t in our day to day lives and relationships

To be skeptical of love, but be open to whatever you get

The loss of romance, the rise of independence, to wait for a good love

To desire an upgrade of your present time and place, trade in for the fantasy of travelling to where you are meant to be

Love song for the passive aggressive and dominant types

To desire to be free of criticism to make room for the possibility of positive happenings

All songs WRITTEN AND PERFORMED by Tara Nichole, Copyright 2012

Music is for everybody.
We all, to some degree, understand the intrinsic value that music brings to our lives.
We benefit through engaging in expressive lyrics, and equally benefit as listeners and learners of various styles and moods within music.
The classical is a bit too classical for my taste and the metal is not delicate enough on my ears. Not to say that I wouldn’t be flattered if any select piece of songwriting were included in such projects. Daily, I enjoy and am happy to create anything and everything inbetween, more naturally. I am happy to hear reviews of folks who enjoy country to pop, rap and metal, who like my music. (Blush :o) If you like to listen for a message, then I have the right tunes for you.
Songwriting is a charming form of storytelling, a way to share history and your sense about the future. It can make you feel vulnerable, but equally can charge up your esteem in minutes. These are good things. We need a way to talk about our experiences. It’s easier when you relay through music because people have a natural inclination to tune in, as music in any setting sets the tone for experience. We can share, and we can start to understand each other more. I am lucky to fill the role to speak up on behalf of those who haven’t been heard. I feel the responsibility to remind people compassion is one of our greatest needs. I hope to inspire positive outlooks in the weary of mind. I want to feel a sense of belonging too.
In the process of putting songs together and emotions to page, when songs move into the hands and minds and skill sets of others, there are joys and there are road bumps. Human collaborations can be fun, stressful, productive, and memorable. They have been surprising, detouring, motivating, and short but sweet. Either way, here I am on the tail end of that past experience, now prepping for an organized and blissful branching into the world of mass exposure. I would love to make your day better. Need a power song? I’ve got them. Need to sit and reminisce a while, I’m up for it. My favorite reason for being alive is to sing for a purpose.
You can listen for any ol’ reason! I am listener first, and creator second. Songwriting content comes from lessons learned. The unexpected lessons are the most vivid and influencial. All of my songs are inspired by you. My own empowering mentors like Paul Simon, Morrissey, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Will Smith, and more, provide perfect examples of people whose music I want to be compared to. Give me a chance to make you laugh, learn and love. These are my goals. See you on the other side of them.
About Me
I'm an artist by every definition of the word. I attend conventions when I can to learn all I can about how to succeed in this path set for me. I aim to sing to the world and create art to nourish the greater public, besides support my extended family, Poddle-Lydia-Littleton and Ariel-Lil B-Littleton (my rabbit children, my heart and soul).
Born & Raised an Artist
Couldn’t shake it if I tried, but never would I want to. An artist’s life makes for an amusing and inspired existence. Art, in all its forms, serves multiple purposes in my life. It has been an outlet of expression, natural therapy as well as revealing and rewarding. It’s happily a shared experience where, if it yields an ounce of insight into the human condition, it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears it took to produce. I have always dreamt of opening my own venue to produce and promote art. I am lucky to say that I have. Tara Nichole Galleries in Old Town, San Diego, CA operates as an art and music entertainment venue. Overall, my goal is to extend compassion through optimistic, energetic, upbuilding means of helping others help themselves, by emanating a contagious, courageous, positive vibe.
Singer-songwriter Status
In my youth, I was a poet of sorts, but never could have guessed songwriting would be my saving grace in present day and days to come. I am grateful for the ability to express through this delightful form. In every blink or sensation of experience there is an endless supply of inspiration. Pent up emotion is good for some things! Perhaps the best singer-songwriters are emotionally sensitive, occasionally reclusive, part-time socialites. I’m perhaps all of these, plus some. By dissecting everyday experiences with a slice of vulnerability and complete disclosure, here, what you see is what you get. The songs that come out of me are often fluidly written as though the sentiments of the songs were there all along, just now contracted into a summary of thought. I haven’t always been recognized for my writing. Usually I have too many thoughts and hyper concepts for people to digest. However, when it counts, I say what I mean and mean what I say. My family and friends describe my unique grammar and way of speaking as Tara Nichole English. I find that a singing-songwriting career fits me quite nicely, even more so than life as a visual artist, as art ages you and music keeps you younger. Some may call me a jack of all trades, and even come to say I need focus. To me, my focus is obvious – artistic creation. It takes a lot for me to impress myself so I produce to no end hoping to find charm in the next new output. My favorite songs are always my most recently written songs. I have a catalogue of over 400 tunes at this point, but find that to be slightly unrewarding ‘til they are exposed to others who can contribute some musical genius, so to please the audiences that eventually hear the songs in their fully lavished form.
I’m a folk singer with a tendency to rap. My new album ReadySetSing reaches more into the folk/pop genres, but keep tuned to upcoming projects! Every subject is attractive to me to write on. Some of my songs reflect a toughened spirit, some reflect a soft soul, some scream hear me now. If you have the urge to dance or smile or say “mmhmm” in reaction to my musical output, then I have done my job. I try to emanate the “glass half full” perspective. Often times, my songs have been foreshadowing to the type of person I aspire to be. Overall, I am a happy-go-lucky vegetarian artist, with bunnies I rely on to bring me happiness. I breathe to sing, I itch to write. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If you meet me, you know me. I’ve been called mysterious and elusive, but that is not on purpose. I think people just have some getting used to my kind.
I’m an enthusiast for authentic connections, common ground, opportunity, and cultivation of self. I celebrate open-mindedness, using powers for good, being forward, honest, and helpful. Life is strange, but we always feel at home in a song. Songs bridge the gaps. Thank you for listening!

I need help just like anyone starting out. First off, it'd be an amazing help if you know of anyone looking for songwriter content. If you have a connection with someone who would view my art, review my song collection to support my creative habit and rabbit children, please let me know! Thanks in advance! Secondly, donations decided by you can help get this artist over the hump for touring cost, and the expense of production and advertising necessities. Unfortunately $ makes things happen more rapidly than wishful thinking. Monetary donations will go towards funding my out-of-state tours for performing music abroad and help pay for gas, AAA, a place to stay, food, and babysitters for the little creatures while I am out n' about singing to the max. I am currently entangled in production for music videos and new songs.

I believe in return on investment. I will pay it forward once I am in a position to help support others in every way I know how. Crossing my fingers this is reasonable. Thank you for all donations, large or small. Thank you for your considerations and contributions! I understand in this economic state, to ask for money is bold. It is just a starting point for growth, and I will certainly pay it forward when I have income to claim, and something to offer in my own donations elsewhere. I am dedicated and serious about aiming for success as an artist and singer-songwriter. I have the passion for it. I will share all I gain through song itself and otherwise. Cheers folks! If you need more info, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience by phone, e-mail or otherwise. Thank you so very much! Wish you the best :o) Thank you for your time and thank you for listening. Cheers! Xoxo, Tara Nichole