4G1V3N : Darkness To Light

Darkness To Light

by 4G1V3N

© Copyright-4G1V3N

The album encompasses the artists rough up bring and his life struggles, moving toward his embracement of the Lord Jesus Christ and his successes in cultivating a relationship with God.

  Title Price
clip 1. Darkness to Light (Intro)
clip 2. Dear Lord
clip 3. Lord Use Me
clip 4. Good to Go
clip 5. My Testimony
clip 6. Bust Your Bible
clip 7. Loves You Like Jesus
clip 8. Hallelujah Holla Back
clip 9. Paid the Price
clip 10. Worship Come With It
clip 11. End Is Near
clip 12. G.O.D.
clip 13. Armor of God (Outro)

Album Info

  • Genre: Spiritual: Christian Rap
  • Release Date: 2013

Album Notes