David Fox Boleyn & The Ulrich-Muntz Trio : David Fox Boleyn with The Ulrich-Muntz Trio

David Fox Boleyn with The Ulrich-Muntz Trio

by David Fox Boleyn & The Ulrich-Muntz Trio

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Ten selections from the great American songbook. Superb renditions of classic standards, which demonstrate once again that beautiful music is timeless.

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clip 1. Who Can I Turn To
clip 2. Jeepers Creepers
clip 3. Autumn Leaves
clip 4. Call Me Irresponsible
clip 5. Begin the Beguine
clip 6. Laura
clip 7. Time After Time
clip 8. Quiet Nights
clip 9. Call Me
clip 10. Around the World

Album Info

  • Genre: Easy Listening: American Popular Song
  • Release Date: 2012

Album Notes

David Fox Boleyn with The Ulrich-Muntz Trio

The Ulrich-Muntz Trio is: Doug Ulrich, Piano • Ward Harris, Bass • Michael "Mo" Morrison, Drums

THE RECORDING SESSION was, as I recall, on a Sunday in late spring. The weather was still a bit cool. We started mid-to-late morning because Ward had a gig that afternoon. Mo was having the first floor of his townhouse painted, and the furniture had been moved out of the way leaving his living room and dining room all but empty. Mark Nelson – who was renting Mo’s basement at the time – was into recording live music as an avocation. (He should go pro!) Mark had all the equipment we needed. He ran cables upstairs and miked Mo in one room and Ward in the other. Mark had an electric piano in the basement, which Doug played. I was in the same room with Doug, singing into another mike. Mark was in the next room over, which served as the “studio control room.” Once the levels were set on the board and in the headphone mix, we went after it.

By way of background, the four of us – Doug, Ward, Mo and me – had been playing together at a local Ritz-Carlton® every Friday and Saturday night for about the past two years. We were well-rehearsed, highly-polished, professional musicians. Each of us brought all of that experience (and more) to this recording. And Mark brought all of his experience, too. I still marvel at the amazing job he did recording and mixing down the music we made that day. Simply beautiful work.

So here they are! Our covers of ten standards, all recorded at “Morrison House Studios,” and all sounding better than any of us ever imagined they would. We hope you like them, too!

— David Fox ("Dave") Boleyn

THE ULRICH-MUNTZ TRIO was named by pianist Doug Ulrich to honor his grandfathers: Calvin Ulrich, who was a powerful bass vocalist and founding member of his church choir; and C. Elmer Muntz, who was a master flautist with the Reading Symphony Orchestra in Pennsylvania. Thus, with love and respect for their guidance and influence, The Ulrich-Muntz Trio came into being.