Fall On Purpose : Fopadelic Deerland

Fopadelic Deerland

by Fall On Purpose

© Copyright-Matthew Bistok

Its a multigenre music that dabbles in all styles like Johnny Cash meets James Brown, Miles Davis. Its Punk Rock, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, and Polka Music with dead milkman humor. Frank Zappa flare and a plan to rule the world. ask your mom?????????????

  Title Price
clip 1. String Puller
clip 2. Man in Brown
clip 3. Bycycle
clip 4. 4-lines
clip 5. B-string
clip 6. 5 Days
clip 7. Ring of Fire
clip 8. St Pete Song
clip 9. British Speedo Man
clip 10. These Days
clip 11. Unionize
clip 12. Broken Man
clip 13. I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker
clip 14. Workin 4 the Man
clip 15. Kat-p
clip 16. My Sister's Trailer in P.p
clip 17. Happy! Song
clip 18. Pill Head
clip 19. The Globe
clip 20. Williams Park
clip 21. Doo Dee Doo
clip 22. Asian Blue Grass

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Jam-band
  • Release Date: 2008

Album Notes

Fopadeilic DeeRLanD is a double CD with 3 Bonus tracks from the first CD FOP-N-POP which was a collection of live raw songs recorded in the beginnings.of the FOP days. Fopadelic was recorded after opening up for FunK GOD Legend George Clinton. The bands line up was Matthew Bistok on Vocals and Guitar, Funky Funkarella (Jen Medena) on Bass.AAA Dog (Anthony Russ) on Drums, Jimmy Slamin (Jim Morey) on Trumpet, Lovely Linda (Linda Hines) on Trombone,Marco Pollo Mark Cunnigham on Keys. The songs had been written over and finished in 2006 by Matthew Bistok and Fall on Purpose. Matthew had been writing and working on all these songs since he was 13. Each song has history and a deeper personal meaning then just surface level. DeerLand or \"WELCOME to DeeRLand\" was recorded 8 months prior to Fopadelic. The band was ready to see what they had in the studio. Both albums were recoded at Zen studio with Steve Oconnel as engineer. \"We wanted to capture the live show that we created when this lineup would Voltronize\"(MB). Both albums are one take all the way through and tell a story of a hard working man going after his dreams and dealing with life\'s obstacles and trying to keep a smile. All th band members are from St Petersburg, Tampa Bay Florida. Ifeel like our music is the blened sound of the Burg- Jazz, PunK, Funk, Blues, Reggea, World, Jam Band, Hip Hop, Polka.

I hope yoy enjoy this CD and thanks for your support.............Matthew Bistok

P.S. Check Out- Sandrima Rising, Polka Cowboyz, BanjoE Steve, Coach Matt\'s kid songs, Counter Intellagance, Vice Verses, Matt th DeerKat, United we Fall


Fopadelic Deerland
This album is great, it has it all, Funny, entertaing, good lyrics, amazing musicians, with lots of energy
Best Album
The music is very diverse. This band is high energy, the music is fun and entertaining. This is one of my Cd\'s in the car right now and this is a rising star!!!