Fronz Arp : What Strange Machines

What Strange Machines

by Fronz Arp

© Copyright-Fronz Arp

  Title Price
clip 1. Violet the Killjoy
clip 2. If I Ever (Crashing Down)
clip 3. I'm an Instamatic
clip 4. Vagina Removal (The Latest Fashion)
clip 5. Holes
clip 6. When You Wake Up I'll Be Gone
clip 7. Tell Me Tell Me
clip 8. You're a Shooting Star
clip 9. Freaks Freaks Freaks
clip 10. What Strange Machines

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
  • Release Date: 2011

Album Notes

On WHAT STRANGE MACHINES, released in early 2011, I wanted to explore the fringes of the dynamic, theatrical and often-abrasive writing style I've developed. Also, the album was completely self-produced, recorded and mixed on a minimal budget in the houses and bedrooms he has lived in recently (sorry for the noise, house-mates). It was a real journey of discovery for me, with the intention of pushing boundaries from start to end. WHAT STRANGE MACHINES seems to be shocking and entertaining folk all over the place (which entertains me)

"With brilliantly diverse musicality, Arp’s versatile vocals and the use of less conventional instruments such as the kazoo and the ukulele, Fronz Arp is not afraid to be adventurous" TRAXX RADIO

"These guys are weird! I think I’m in love!" HOSS THE BOSS