Jeff Gallagher : Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers

by Jeff Gallagher

© Copyright-Jeffrey Gallagher

"The New Cosmic Country." The sound has a country foundation in the songwriting but has influences from Classic Rock, Americana, Folk, and psychedelia.

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1. Friends and Lovers
2. Bluebonnet Sky
3. Road
4. Grieving October
5. Lubbock Rose
6. Rebel Soul, Gypsy Queen
7. Where It Should Be
8. Jameson and White
9. April the 18th
10. Best Laid Plans
11. Way to Fall
12. Revolution of Tears
13. Blue Birds of Rain
14. Freedom
15. City Song

Album Info

  • Genre: Country: Country Rock
  • Release Date: 2008


Honest Reflections
Jeff Gallagher has a contemporary, David Cook, type voice. His lyrics are honest reflections of life experiences. Good listening.