Hadrian's Heroes : The Need King

The Need King

by Hadrian's Heroes

© Copyright-Hadrian's Heroes

Hadrian's Heroes is a hard-rock 4 piece with progressive, post-hardcore and melodic elements. Vocalist Thomas Morris brings dynamic range to the genre defying blend that guitarist Joseph Kidawski, bassist Chris Aubin and drummer Geno Melendez create.

  Title Price
clip 1. Many Lungs
clip 2. Refuse
clip 3. Fully Involved
clip 4. Crowded
clip 5. The Well
clip 6. Believe
clip 7. The Need King
clip 8. Instruments of War
clip 9. Caidil Gu La
clip 10. Pathway Paved

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock
  • Release Date: 2013