Lydia Can't Breathe : Time


by Lydia Can't Breathe

© Copyright-Kyle Bolduc

The second full length studio album released October 1, 2013. The overall sound is a cross of multiple genres rolled into one epic story of anger, individual freedom, and the meaning of life.

  Title Price
clip 1. Nomad
clip 2. Yabba Dabba
clip 3. Peanutbutterjelly
clip 4. Bring It to the Masses
clip 5. Precious
clip 6. Brainwashed
clip 7. Nameless
clip 8. Gangsta
clip 9. Time
clip 10. Enemies of the Night

Album Info

  • Genre: Metal/Punk: Stoner Metal
  • Release Date: 2013

Album Notes

With Kyle Bolduc and Dan Wilson shredding on guitar, Josh Runfeldt on drums and Shawn Goree strumming bass, this combination enables the band to deliver a very strong sound and message on the album. A stoner-metal mixture of influences from practically every genre is backed by clean vocals and mean growls.

The album comes after the band released Time as a single in June 2013, along with an official cartoon music video. The band has achieved independent success with their first full-length studio album, At the Bottom of the Podum Stole, released under Spinnit Records.

The element of variety and level of experimentation in their music has made them difficult to classify, but these musicians for the most part, have maintained a single style throughout their body of work. This is a group of guys driven by unpretentious thoughts and a love for music. Lydia Can't Breathe.