Prominent Talent : The River City Mixtape

The River City Mixtape

by Prominent Talent

© Copyright-Music Express Productions

This Mixtape was designed to give Hip Hop followers a breath of fresh air. Hip Hop listeners have been ready for something new, something relevant, and something accurate to the culture Hip Hop was born in. This Mixtape was created around the idea of bringing back the attitudes of hip hop with a mixture of experiences that this artist has been through.

  Title Price
clip 1. Intro (River City)
clip 2. Live from Taghaz
clip 3. Soulja Boy Diss
clip 4. Say, Something
clip 5. More Than a Threat
clip 6. Set It Off
clip 7. Show Stopper (Freestyle)
clip 8. Cooler Than Me
clip 9. Hustle Till I D.I.E.
clip 10. Been Waiting
clip 11. Oh What a Night
clip 12. Reppin the 305
clip 13. Combat Rap
clip 14. Miss Opportunity
clip 15. Where's Your Love (P.T.S.D.)
clip 16. Never Hold Me Down
clip 17. Forever
clip 18. We Don't Worry
clip 19. I Remember
clip 20. In Peace I Rest

Album Info

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Rap
  • Release Date: 2012


Enjoy... Good Buy
I stumbled upon this artist and must say I'm glad I did. I enjoy listening to the previews and had to buy the cd. Miss Opportunity is my favorite track
***Highly Reccomended***
I recently purchased this album to support a coworker but after listening to the album it became much more than that. The talent by Prominent is ridiculous! Every time I buy a CD I find 2-4 of my favorite songs and pretty much ignore the rest. That wasn't the case with this mixtape. There's not a single song on here that I haven't listened to over and over again. There's not a single song on here that I would skip over. The versatility of each song really makes it great for many different occasions. From an upbeat song to listen to in the gym to a slower more contemporary song to just sit back and relax with. Like I said, I'd highly recommend every song. This dude's got something good! Check him out.
Buy Buy Buy!!!
its one thing to protect our freedom by serving in the armed forces but it goes to another level when this man can rap about what he does what hes seen and really speak the truth. this is a must buy you will not regret it. support him and he will go far all the tracks are great sound and a great rapper love it like i said its a must buy