The Cynz : Five Mortal Cynz

Five Mortal Cynz

by The Cynz

© Copyright-© 2013 Fishpuppy Music (Ascap), Cyndi Dawson, Henry Seiz

This hard-hitting 2nd release by The Cynz is a rocking, no-holds-barred, in-your-face, guitar-driven dance fest!!

  Title Price
clip 1. Leave Me Alone
clip 2. Weight of the World
clip 3. Blame It On the Kiss
clip 4. Miles Between
clip 5. Rather Be Me

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Rock & Roll
  • Release Date: 2013

Album Notes

The Cynz are NYC band. Cyndi Dawson leads her band through shamanic rock & roll ceremonies, track after track. Their songs are hard-rocking tales of pain, heartbreak, survival, determination, redemption, and sometimes joy. Their roots and influences derive not only from the late '70s Lower East Side chainsaw music of the Ramones, but also from the industrial heartland and cities such as Detroit and Pittsburgh and the tough, gritty rock of The MC5, Alice Cooper and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. There's plenty of ways to take the edge off. The Cynz make it sharp.