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clip 1. Working Man
clip 2. Blacktops
clip 3. Until We Fall
clip 4. Run
clip 5. A Good Winter
clip 6. Hallelujah (Again)
clip 7. One Star
clip 8. In the Garden
clip 9. Waking from a Dream
clip 10. Sad As Me

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Americana
  • Release Date: 2011

Album Notes

"Take a big splash of whiskey, a few shots of alt-country, a sprinkling of Southern, indie- and classic rock flavors from the likes of Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Neil Young and even Band of Horses and Ryan Adams -- let the tasty brew marinate in garages, backrooms and bars of rural South Carolina . . . and you have, like James McMurtry sings: "one helluva party like you never saw." Alt. Country Rock From Good Ol'  Greenwood, SC USA"
-the Handlebar /

"... this band knows how to write a song. Not to slight any other artist that we've come across by any means, but credit where credit is due... One of the things that I really like about this band is that their sound is catchy and energetic enough to where they could fit in with some of the more rockin' or more accessible acts in the Upstate, or for even satiate the most guarded of the alt-country purists. For fans of The Old 97's, Thin Lizzy or Lucero, there is plenty to love here... ability to not only understand how to write and properly execute straight-up rock songs, but to implement the subtle touches that really sell the package and distinguish them other bands lumped into a similar genre... Usually, I don't rave about a band nearly this much, but obviously think this release really struck a chord with me. Lately, I know I thought to myself that if I had one complaint about Upstate music is that I feel here more recently more artists are putting style over substance, and I view this as a wake-up call to anyone that has been feeling like me. It's good to know that even though they aren't completely in our public conscious just yet, these Greenwood natives can take us back to school on writing a rock album worthy of praise."
-Wes Gilliam /