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by Vivace

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The stirring combination of powerful male voices and emotionally driven female vocals creates VIVACE. The newest addition to the classical/crossover genre.

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clip 1. The Face
clip 2. Nessun Dorma
clip 3. Senza Catene (Unchained Melody)
clip 4. Prayer in the Night
clip 5. The World to Me

Album Info

  • Genre: Classical: Band Music
  • Release Date: 2012

Album Notes


Vivace is a modern and thrilling combination of four unique and exceptional singers. Each having enjoyed individual success in their solo careers, Melody Mercredi, Tiffany Desrosiers, Marc Devigne and DJ Calhoun have merged their talents and combined the uniqueness of their individual voices to create a new ensemble. Vivace is the latest addition to the classical crossover/popera genre. The stirring combination of powerful male voices and emotionally driven female vocals sets them apart from all others. Vivace's colorful blend of sound is undoubtedly a fresh new take on classical/modern day music.

"Stunning... without a doubt, this group was one of the very best we have ever presented."
-Jay Jantzen RCCA Booking Director .

“Whenever I get shivers and my hairs stand on end, I know I’m in the presence of greatness, and that’s you.”
-Lissa Lloyd of Lloyd Talent


Biographies -

Marc Devigne
A classically trained tenor based in Toronto, Marc combines his traditional vocal training with a passion for contemporary pop music. His innate ability to apply his disciplined ear to more current styles has given him a broad range of appeal in both singing and crafting songs that transcend both genres. Working with acclaimed songwriters and musical performers such as Jim Brickman, Stephan Moccio, Mark Masri and Amy Sky, his original approach to contemporary pop classical music is turning heads everywhere. Unlike many tenors, Marc's voice possesses what the Italians refer to as "chiaroscuro", best described as a 'dark-light' sound. The vocal quality of this heart warming "chiaroscuro" sound as well as his smooth blend between pop and classical brings a modern romantic edge to Vivace.

Tiffany Desrosiers
This young singer's incredibly versatile voice gives her a seamless ease of transitioning from low sultry pop tunes, to technically mastering refined soprano opera arias. With a brilliant capacity of breathing life into lyrics and melodies, Tiffany reveals the sound, soul and spirit of a world-class vocalist. Having performed alongside artists such as David Foster, Mark Masri, Ben Harper and the Canadian Tenors as well as performing the theme song for the 2010 BC Summer Games, she has gained incredible stage experience from an early age. As a resident of Vancouver, she recently completed her degree in music and continues to write original music with some of Canada's most acclaimed songwriters. Tiffany's rare ability of bridging both pop and classical music establishes her as a key element to Vivace's unique blend.
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Dj Calhoun
A Vancouver based baritone with a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance, DJ continues to study at the University of British Columbia to earn his Master's degree. He is a passionate artist committed to his love of opera and classical crossover. After moving to Vancouver from Calgary in 2003, he was approached to sing professionally for Vancouver Opera. Since then he has immersed himself in the world of music, which landed him his debut role in Vancouver Opera's 2011 production of Romeo et Juliette. DJ prides himself in donating his talents whenever he can, most recently a fundraiser for Vancouver's Friends For Life Society. The richness and warmth of his lower baritone notes, coupled with the freedom of his extended upper range create the perfect combination of sound for the operatic classical crossover genre. DJ's impressive powerhouse voice is an essential contribution to Vivace's thrilling sound.

Melody Mercredi
A Vancouver based coloratura soprano, Melody has a great love for her work and art. She has earned a degree and a diploma in Opera Performance from the Vancouver Academy of Music. Melody has performed professionally with Vancouver Opera for the past eight years, touring with their ensemble as The Queen of the Night from Mozart's "Magic Flute". Along with her dedication to singing, she is passionate about her heritage as a Metis. Melody recently performed solo works with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for 'Planet Indigenous', as well as the solo soprano in The Spirit of Haida Gwaii oratorio for the opening of Vancouver's Inaugural Cultural Olympiad. Melody's seamless ease for soaring top notes along with her vocal flexibility and pure tone add unique rich coloring to Vivace's timeless sound.