Various Artists : Wikileaks: Beat the Blockade (Supporter Version)

Wikileaks: Beat the Blockade (Supporter Version)

by Various Artists

© Copyright-Wikileaks

WikiLeaks has compiled this CD as a way for people to support us. Supporters have kindly donated their songs to help us “Beat the Blockade”. [This is the “Supporter Version” – the higher price is to channel more funds into our fight against the banks.]

  Title Price
clip 1. Wikileaks and the Need for Free Speech
clip 2. B Manning
clip 3. Where There Are No Secrets
clip 4. Song for Bradley Manning
clip 5. Wikileaks Anthem: We Want the Truth
clip 6. Datacrime 2011 (Wikimix)
clip 7. Wikileaks Tribute
clip 8. The Ballad of Julian Assange
clip 9. Shout It Out and Be Heard
clip 10. Rise Above (Wikibeetz4wikileaks)
clip 11. Bradley's Song
clip 12. Wikileaks Samba

Album Info

  • Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
  • Release Date: 2012

Album Notes

The U.S. financial institutions that are blocking WikiLeaks are: Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and other Washington-linked US financial institutions. The US treasury found in our favour, but Washington-linked banks continue to blockade WikiLeaks outside of any legal or administrative process. We are suing these banks in courts around the world.

Song Artists:
1. "WikiLeaks and the Need for Free Speech" - Dan Bull;
2. "B Manning" - Johan W Ekman;
3. "Where There Are No Secrets" - Wrightson Tongue;
4. "Song for Bradley Manning" - David Rovics;
5. "WikiLeaks Anthem: We Want the Truth" - Isaac Sloan;
6. "Datacrime 2011 (WikiMix)" - Cuban Boys;
7. "WikiLeaks Tribute" - Jaffrey Rootzway;
8. "The Ballad of Julian Assange" - Joonas Laine;
9. "Shout It Out and Be Heard" - Sharon Z.;
10. "Rise Above (WikiBeetz4WikiLeaks)" - Loves' Destiny;
11. "Bradley's Song" - Erick Nova;
12. "WikiLeaks Samba" - Sonic Disobedience;

[Disclaimer: Statements made in the songs contained on the "WikiLeaks: Beat the Blockade" CD do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the WikiLeaks organization or its employees. In particular, statements which may suggest a connection between our publications and any individual are not acknowledged.]