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Baby Soda : Jazz Roots Elixir

Jazz Roots Elixir

by Baby Soda

Baby Soda blends 30’s era swing, New Orleans Jazz, and southern gospel to produce a musical revelry that celebrates a quintessential American art form with horns, banjo, washboard, and the one-string-box-bass.

Baby Soda : Live at Radegast

Live at Radegast

by Baby Soda

Veronique Sodano : Uitgebreid Verdwalen

Uitgebreid Verdwalen

by Veronique Sodano & Diva Sodano Band

Een bijzondere combinatie van pop, samba en jazz met teksten in het Nederlands.

Diva Baby : Because I Said So

Because I Said So

by Diva Baby

High-powered jungle music with witty girl-power diva action. Kneecapping the Big Boys from behind the decks, the drum machine and the microphone.

Baily : Fragile


by Baily

Alternative acoustic indie rock depicted through fervent lyrics, lingering melodies, and residual acoustic sounds.

Soda & his Million Piece Band : Soda & his Million Piece Band

Soda & his Million Piece Band

by Soda & his Million Piece Band

"The Big, Strange Sound." --LA Weekly

Baby's First : Baby & Me Songs

Baby & Me Songs

by Baby's First

Baby's First is a collection of carfully selected music designed to inspire and motivate Baby's developing mind.

Evermuela : Baking Soda

Baking Soda

by Evermuela

Urban latin Hip/Hop style derived from the inner streets of Harlem, NYC with dance-hall type vibe.

Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band : Sweet Baby Jesus

Sweet Baby Jesus

by Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band

A Christmas song dedicated to the people of Paris 2015

Baby's First : Sing-A-Long Songs

Sing-A-Long Songs

by Baby's First

The perfect way to introduce Baby to singing and music.