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The Well in the Desert

by Graeme R Gwin

Two tracks, the first of which relates to Middle Eastern dance in an "earthy" feeling, whilst the second relates in meaning to Heavenly ideals of Love, as pertaining to the Meaning within the CD cover symbol.
Genre: New Age: Celtic New Age
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1. Ideas in an Ancient Land
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2. Heavenly Ideals for the World
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Album Notes
IMPORTANT NOTE… Beware of the occasional 'rogue' postings (if still, on Google) which use my name to misrepresent me. It is better to type my name into the… CD baby…. search bar to obtain ACCURATE details.
Graeme R Gwin / Gwin, Graeme R
(All my "album notes" are directly related to my continuing biography referred to on my CD baby “biography page”)
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These are my latest CD / MP3 Album Titles…Messenger of God, Family Tree of Life, Revelation 6.2 (and the bow), Spirit of Truth, Prophessor in Archery, Marriage of Truth, Revelation 19 Defense, Revelation 6.2 and an Arrow of God, Principles of Manhood, etc.
List of all my CDs/ MP3s Graeme R Gwin /Gwin, Graeme R
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Messenger of God
Family Tree, of Life
Revelation 6.2 (and the bow)
Spirit of Truth
Prophessor in Archery
Marriage of Truth
Revelation 19 Defense
Revelation 6.2 and an Arrow of God
An Arrow Called Music
Feathers of Silver and Gold
Inseparable Devotion
Whispers of Knowledge
The Voice of Melody
The Well in the Desert
Three Feathers of an Arrow
The Well in the Desert and the Two Trees
Principles of Manhood
Revelation 6.2 and the Harp
SunStar of Righteousness
The Bow the Heart and the Harp
Global Warning

These two tracks are meant to portray (in musical expression as a form of language) the difference in feeling connected with very earthy ways and the ways of Heavenly ideals… in the form of two different types of “dance” (one could say), that relate to the body, and to the soul respectively. Track 2 relates to the CD cover artwork, which in itself is the symbol expression connected with a story I have written, called, “The Well in the Desert and the Two Trees” (written approx 12 years ago; maybe longer), as being a story of True Love that relates to Heavenly ideals as virtues of Honor connected with the heart. I will say (as "relative" to the above, and the artwork symbol that the "Honorable Meaning of Love" has inspired me with, in connection with its story) that a marriage of Heavenly ideals is not an “arranged/forced marriage” by “worldly ways of tradition”, in its being a marriage that is brought about by “LOVE’S Honor”, rather than by “man’s honor as an assumed claim over how LOVE should work”, relative to the tradition of “arranged marriages” that some nations still hold to, contrary to the Way of God; wherein; “LOVE” IS MEANT TO BE THE VERY HEART WITHIN MARRIAGE; not “tradition” (the tradition of “arranged” marriages)…
When marriage is not based upon Love, but based upon “man’s tradition”, then it is not based upon the Divine Meaning of Love that Marriage is meant to be based upon, and in Truth, what Marriage is really all about… the Trueness of Love that brings a man and woman together as a “heart-filled” blessing of Heavenly Meaning (and with emphasis on the word “meaning”). Tradition cannot fool Truth, as can man be fooled by tradition, because Truth is beyond man’s “fear” which uses tradition as a “manipulative tool”. Does the Sun of Righteousness which shines equally upon all, divide the world into “traditions” which would have the Sun of Righteousness shine differently upon different nations.
If the Law was based upon “tradition” rather than “the Meaning of Life”, there would be trouble everywhere in the world, but because the Law is based upon Truth, then the “Meaning of Life” is understood as “Honorable”, so that the troubles that are associated with ignorance may be overcome through Wisdom’s use of Knowledge… this being the purpose of the Law, in Truth’s Meaning… for the Law exists, in its defense to uphold the “honorable” Meaning of Life. And thus it is that Law is known, in the Spirit of Truth, for that the Spirit of Truth is not known, then “man’s tradition” becomes called the law… through which nations have their differing troubles, until they recognize the Sun of Righteousness as being more honorable in Righteousness, than man and his “traditions” that understand not, Truth’s “Honorable” Meaning of Freedom as being the Foundation of the Law, and within which, the principles of manhood are known… for that the principles of manhood are not known, then neither can the Law be known…because it is the Law’s purpose to uphold the principles of manhood that are based upon the “honorable” Meaning of Life.

Thus do I bring forth this “arrow of Love” from my quiver, as being the story connected with “The Garden of the Rose”, “The Well in the Desert”, and, “Inseparable Devotion” (which I am able to relate to Indian classical dance)…

The Well in the Desert and the Two Trees
A short story of Love by Graeme R Gwin
(written approx 1996; made public now, 2010)

Of my Source of Inspiration this story is inspired, in connection with my heart, and my heart's connection with my soul... and my soul's connection with my Source of Inspiration, to Which my hand is servant in writing this story with the pen of my heart.

In the great golden sea of blissful joy and divine happiness so glorious unto the soul’s beholding there lived a desert island. And upon this desert island there lived an oasis, within which, grew a beautiful rose of such exquisite beauty, that even the wonderful fragrance of its God-given perfume seemed to be a very special calling in itself toward some equally special answer; complementary unto its rare beauty; in that its seeming halfness may become as wholeness.
Strange as it may seem, this rose so beautiful lived in a princess’s heart, and this princess lived in a heart, and this heart lived in a woman, and the woman lived in the desert through which she traveled. And in her travels she seemed to be in search for something, yet she knew not what it was, though her aloneness spoke of a deep well, wherein seemed to live no water whereby her thirst may be quenched.
She traveled among the people of the desert considering that someone might know the whereabouts of the fountain of clear, clean water of which she had heard so much, yet no-one seemed to really know where it was. And although many spoke of it with such apparent knowing, no-one agreed with her heart, that they had actually drank from it.
The people of the desert drank from many waterholes on their journeys, of which some waterholes were clearer than others, and even to the extent that some people considered one or two of these to be the answer to her search. So often she reached a waterhole in great hope that the water drawn up would be crystal clear, yet every time her great thirst was never properly quenched, for the water always seemed to reach a point of bitterness whilst she drank, and when this bitterness reached her mouth, she once again felt dry, to know that her search for the clear fountain had not ended. And so the well within her seemed to remain dry, and in its continual dryness she began to wonder whether or not the fountain of her need even existed, to the point of conclusion that it may merely be the wish of many, who spoke of it with “apparent knowing” only to cover their own failure to find it, whereby the various waterholes became their place of abode for which they settled, and drank of.
Often they would ask her to join them and make her abode with them. Sometimes she would for a while, but the continual dryness in her well always called upon her, to move her on, for the waterhole always became bitter to her. Her yearning for clean water gripped her so tightly that she could never remain, lest she became choked in her dryness. So often she dreamed of relief, but relief never seemed to give itself to her. And so often she felt disheartened, wherein her aloneness spoke loudly to her, and in such a way that at times it seemed to appear as a bottomless pit over which she continually walked, as though on an invisible plank. So often in her heart she felt a falling sensation, yet the strength of her yearning seemed to return unto her, the plank over which she walked in the virtues of her efforts, for the virtues of her efforts kept her heart in trueness, wherein the plank was formed. Among the quietness of her heart’s secrets she called this invisible plank, “the plank of virtues”, for she knew that should she lose these, her falling would speak unto her heart in such a way, whereby her search for the fountain would feel as a failure, to then need something more powerful than her efforts, to restore the plank, which she knew could not be restored by those of the waterholes who knew not the fountain which they professed to know. And so her heart kept its faith in the virtues thereof which she guarded with her heart, for she knew that her heart had something to do with the fountain, as a knowing so deep in her soul.... a knowing which seemed to be clouded in some way, or by some way.
She then found herself at another waterhole, yet this one seemed different, for the dwellers thereof appeared to have such understanding as to the fountain, wherein, she was greatly impressed by their minds, for the many things spoken were accurate in many ways, whereby her knowing could see the level of their own. She felt excited to have maybe found the waterhole which would empty out her well’s dryness, and so she accepted their kind offer to dwell with them. She worked with them, in enthusiasm. And in her enthusiasm they gained from her in the work she offered, whilst at the same time she drank slowly of their water, which appeared to be clean. And the food she did eat with them did please her.
Much was spoken of the fountain, and this pleased her also. She stayed and stayed, and much was spoken. Many were friendly to her, and she was encouraged to be likewise friendly, and was, to the extent that her heart’s virtues allowed. Everyone was friendly to one-another, yet something about their friendliness caused her to retain an emptiness, which their friendliness seemed to be trying to cover, for the virtues of her heart would not allow their friendliness to enter so deeply, whereby her heart would be given as they expected, and how they expected, which to her, in some ways clashed against her virtues which spoke within her heart in such a way, whereby the apparent cleanness of their water began to show itself as growing a tinge of bitterness to the taste in her virtues. And because she would not give of herself as they expected, a coldness from them slowly began to grow against her, whereby she began to lose her original sense of joy and enthusiasm...all because she remained true to her heart’s precious voice. And this problem which grew became pointed at her as to causing a problem to their dwelling which they were not too happy about. They told her that unless she conformed, she must leave and take her problem with her. She told them that they were the ones with the problem and that her heart was good, as it was in the original joy and enthusiasm which she gave them, and which they gladly received, yet now rejected because of her virtues. She expressed that it was her virtues which bothered them, for it reproved their own, whereby they were as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and misusing knowledge to justify using one-another whereby to feel good, at the expense of sacred values, which she recognized in her virtues as of great importance.
They forced her away from their waterhole and out of their dwelling through the unkind words of the bitterness which they drank, and they spread word among one-another that she was no good because they had offered her their type of friendship and in return, she had offered them a problem which was growing amongst them, and which they did not want. They had tried to convince her that it was right to totally give of herself to them, and even give of her body to those who desired such, whereby they may feel good, and her likewise. And thus was their wolf in sheep’s clothing uncloaked, to gnash its teeth at her, because she could not be fooled when her truer values were confronted...truer values pertaining to the “plank of virtues”, over which she walked, in her search for the fountain of clear, clean water.
She found herself wandering aimlessly; so it appeared; and alone through the desert. She felt to have given up hope of finding the fountain, and could not settle at any waterhole. She wandered, and wondered, and wandered, but then a strange thing happened. In front of her; and so unexpectedly; she came across a man who, though he seemed to have been through some difficult journey, appeared to have found something, which spoke of itself in a wordless way unto her own heart’s feeling, and whereby she felt no bitterness as his drink. With the strength she had left, she hurriedly walked over to him and asked what had happened, and he replied, “I have been searching endlessly for the fountain of clear, clean water, of which so many speak without knowing. I have passed by many waterholes and have tasted of their bitterness, and being unable to remain, have moved on, and on, and on. Many sought me to stay at their waterholes, which I could not, for my emptiness for the fountain drove me on, and in such a way that I felt choked should I remain. Some thought of me as a fool to continue on, and some disliked me because I did, to not remain at their waterholes as they did. Some were offended by my words of heart and spoke against me among one-another in such a way whereby I appear as in the wrong, by being a problem to the ways of their waterhole. And thus did the bitterness which they drank of, show itself unto me to cause me to move on in search for the fountain unfound by them, though they spoke impressively about the fountain, yet without knowing. And though I tried to help some with the experience of my unbending search, my outward appearance was not grand enough for their eyes, whereby they could not hear clearly with their hearts, for the bitterness in the well for which they settled to drink of had hardened their hearts and blinded their eyes. Some stood against me and professed that I did not know what I was talking about, and that I was wrong in my understandings, considering that they knew the answers, although their words of understanding proved otherwise to prove their blindness, although they considered themselves to be not blind. Some merely disliked me because I could see more clearly than they, and sought to cloud me into their blindness, whereby to remain as they, which I could not. In the end I felt to have given up hope, for the fountain of my search felt beyond my strength to endure much more, and yet my hope could not die, for in the hope of my strength lived my heart. Alone I have wandered in the desert, and tired, I fell down to rest for my spirit ached from my search for the fountain. And strange as it may seem, I then seem to have been entered into a different journey... a beautiful dream, which was more so as a vision, within which my seeing was met by a wondrous sight. There in the midst of the vision given unto me lived the most beautiful rose tree one could imagine.... an unusual tree. And yet it was two trees so closely intertwined that they appeared as one, coiled around one-another as does a rope in its making. And the magnificent flowers on this tree of wonder were of two colors, becoming nearer to the top, blended into one, where their intertwining branches became no more intertwining, but one, and unable to be divided. And then I noticed something else about the tree. No thorns grew above, where the intertwining branches became as one in their joining. So beautiful a glow seemed to be about this tree which seemed to melt me into its presence, for my heart felt to be in a sea of joy and gladness, of so blissful a nature that I felt my very being as not separate from this divinely formed tree of exquisite marriage, so holy unto my soul’s recognition.... for the Great Glory had married these two trees together so beautifully. And though I was awake, I then awoke from the vision given unto me, to be joyously stunned by it all, whereupon you see me whilst I feel a sense of joy as though I have touched the fountain of my search through the vision; or more clearly “it” has touched me; for the rose tree seemed to speak of the fountain through its beauty so wonderful to the soul, whereby a little of my well’s dryness seems to have been emptied out by this wonderful working of the Great Glory, Which has somehow seen me as worthy to receive so great a gift unto my heart’s pleasure, wherein, this dream remains as a great treasure within my soul, unable to be removed, and so beautiful to behold.....for the Giver of the dream is with me, and in me, in the dream’s life in my heart, within which, I hold the dream as sacred, for it is the workings of the Great Glory which none can claim hold over in any way, for the Great Glory is in the dream’s Heart as the Holiness of Love.”
With water of the eyes speaking on her face in the Sunshine, the woman explained her story as to how she had reached him, and the water of her came from so deep within, that she felt the emptiness in her well becoming filled, and in such a way that the emptiness seemed to be leaving her through the water. And whilst her relief was turning into joy, so too was his heart equally moved by her same story and search. And in this, he felt her heart as though it was living within him, and she felt his heart as though living in her. So great was this feeling within them; and between them; that they could only feel one heart of love which they both shared. And in this, a fountain seemed to flow within this one heart, and overflowed to surround them with such joy and happiness that their very souls seemed to melt together to become one soul which felt to be immersed in a golden pool of radiant harmony so wonderfully true, that they seemed to be entered into a Heavenly Garden wherein everything appeared to be glowing in a glorious golden light, which was likened unto rivers flowing everywhere. They were truly “in” Love.... a Love which would never leave them, and which could never die away, for the Great Glory had seen them as worthy to know the Greatest Treasure of all, because the Trueness of their hearts unto each other was so rare, unto Love’s Trueness, which they felt in each other. And never again would they feel an emptiness in their well, for the Fountain was to remain with them, in their souls so beautifully married by the Great Glory.
And in this, they knew how the Kingdom of Heaven was able to be, in the world, and felt in each-other what it really meant to be a Heavenly king and queen, which they knew; of Heaven; that the world knew not…. and in their knowing they could so easily see the world’s great mistakes, for they knew what the True Round Table was all about, relative to the Honorable Meaning, of Life, and the Honorable Meaning, of Truth, which the Mystic Messiah into ancient Israel had tried to put forward to those who did not want to hear, and who rejected him because they wanted to hold their worldly seats over people in preference to the Heavenly Throne of God; the Great Glory; being able to be represented in the world.…. God being LOVE, and God being LIGHT, as it is written, in the New Testament of the book “called”, the Holy Bible, which many profess to understand, yet don’t, and even those who profess to be “professors of theology”, and those who profess impressively to be seated in Spiritual thrones holding the keys of knowledge, which includes all the Merlins of the world…. for the “Honorable” Spirit of Truth is greater than all, unto the Holiness of Love and the Honorable Meaning of Life, which the people of the world reject, because the world loves the world in preference to Honorable and Holy Meanings, and to the extent that even this story will be rejected by those who cannot “see”; even by those who profess to “see” who would not want this story coming about because their “assumed” thrones would be seen as being not Spiritually honorable unto the Spirit of Truth and the “keys” which they profess to hold, regarding the Holy Spirit of Love…. for they do not drink from the well of clear, clean water.

If anyone knows the hacker, intellectual property thief and identity thief who is trying to sabotage my CD efforts… as spoken of in the album notes of my CD: Revelation 6.2 (and the harp)… can you please alert the Australian Federal Police, Centerlink, Crimestoppers, ASIO, and the FBI and CIA (America). This also refers to the Google front page (type into Google…Revelation 6.2) and the Google entry on this page that visually incriminates (against proof to the contrary) Revelation 6.2 as being the anti-Christ, by the person who is trying to infer through this that anti-Christ is relative to my posting.. this being also a part of his act to sabotage my efforts.


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