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by The Atomic Bombs

A fast flurry of punk rock anti-bigoted poetry
Genre: Metal/Punk: Skatepunk
Release Date: 

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1. If a Carrot Could Scream
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2. B.B.Q.U.
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3. Bigot
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4. Asshole
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5. Downsize
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6. Corporations
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7. N/A
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8. Walking in Bombay
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9. Little Red Horsies
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10. M.F.O.S.
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11. Lonesome Road
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12. Witch Hunt
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13. M.I.A.
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14. New World Order
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15. Taken My Baby Rollin'
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16. Human Bieng
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Album Notes
If a Carrot Could Scream:
It would be a bad dream if a carrot could scream
Oh your little frown the pulled you out of the ground
What they do to you they tossed you in the stew
It makes me wanna cry to see a carrot die
Reaching up to the sun
It rains and you're having fun
You get cut and you heal
It's obvious that you feel
You don't have eyeballs and fart
That's what sets you apart
Mother Earth is sad
Hearing your little cry
Mother Earth is sad!

You choked on your tongue and you turned blue
I think that it's time that I hit you with my shoe
You look dead and you smell bad too
You better start breathin' or you're goin' in the stew
~You look so tender
~what a tasty treat
~I think that i'll pass when it comes to your feet
~I'll pickle your balls and your eyes in a glass
~I can't wait to put a fork in your ass
You call the psychic and you graze on grass
Don't make another move until he tells you what to do
There's no need for recycling blues
Your brain tastes good cuz' it's pickled in booze
You think that's sick, you think thats mean
It's the year 2000 it's Soilent Green
You can have your colored chips and toss them in your stew
But I think it would be better just to B.B.Q.U.

You Bigot piece of shit
Suck my wanker
You're a prejudice Bigot
That's why we wrote this song
You have no real idea of what the fuck is going on
You talk a lot of BS
While your eyes are glazed and red
You want to blame the world for the problems in your head
If you would just wake up and smell the coffee
And get the Fuck out of bed
Cuba's ruled by communists, their people sing the blues
Hitler was a Bigot, murdered Christians, Hindu's and Jews
We believe in freedom, Freedom for us to choose
You're a hate filled Bigot stand up tall and scream it loud
You run around in circles while you hypnotize the crowd
You're a hate filled Bigot
Charles Manson would be proud
Solidarity and unity you'll never understand
While you vomit up your hate and try to separate the land
There's a better way then spewin all your hate
It's called education and intelligent debate
Hatred bigotry and murder who really wants to bear it
We need to judge as individuals
According to your merit

You drive around town in your mother fuckin truck
having sex with kids that are down on their luck
You leave your own alone but they have a fuckin gun
Gunna kill you and it's gunna be fun cause you're an
Why do you always have to fuckin bug me
Why do you always have to complain to me
Why all these stories and all these fucking lies?
I'll slap your ass like a red headed step child
You got so fucking drunk
and you act so fuckin dumb
you always wet the bed
so you outta suck your thumb
you cant hold down a job
cause you're nothin but a slob
instant Asshole just add alcohol
You tell me you're so humble after talking about your day
You talk about yourself so much I'm going to go insane
You fucking piece of shit
Why don't you suck my dick
You're not my buddy, Pal or Friend
And that is why I think that you're an


Mind your P's and Q's
Brush your teeth
Comb your hair
Well, well, well
Don't you look nice
You spend 8 years in college to get your degree
You work long and hard to be financialy free
You get a diploma and a standing ovation
You're hoping for a job at a big corporation
All those years of school have finally paid off
You get a cellular fone and a company car
Your boss really loves you
Your'e gunna go far
Who knows in a year you might get a promotion
You're gunna work until your brain is dead!

~Fuck the corporations give me a cigarette
~Fuck the corporations give me a beer
You say that you hate them but you drink all day
But you drink all day
You talk about how you're going to make them pay
You steal from your neighbors
and you lie to your friends
Dealing with you is like dealing with them
F the corporations and their big fat fat cigars
F the corporations and their fancy new cars
F the corporations and their fancy new clothes
F the corporations and their manicured toes
F the corporations and their power ties
You're in a different situation
Telling different lies
~Greedy people make me sick
We need to ban together and cast our vote
If we all work together we can rock the boat
Your vote doesn't count thats what they want you to hear
So put out your cigarette and pour out your beer
Don't let the rich keep you under sedation
Snap out of your coma and lets change our nation

Back in the old west people took life a little easier
Over the past 100 years or so
We evolved technologicly advanced to fast
for the average persons mental comprehension
The last thing we need for our society
is people running around smoking crack and slamming speed
We need to slow down, take life a little easier
Enjoy the good things, sit on the porch and strum the guitar
Swap stories about the fishing hole
Look at the stars, relax a little bit and enjoy the good things
Eat some of grandma's home made apple pie
Did you ever think about that?
Slow down
You had a good job
You had a good life
You had a pretty girl could have been your wife
You Fucked your friends and family and you didn't look back
Living on the street you fell in love with that crack
Everyone that you cared about you stabbed them the back
Over speed and crack
I hate that shit
Now your living on the streets and you're slamming speed
Lying and cheating to feed your need
You don't care about you, you don't care about me
All you care about is that fucking speed
You look sucked up and you look like shit
No thanks bitch you can keep your drug habit
Live under that bridge lie a scarred little rabbit
There is hope there is a solution
You can kick that brain pollution
Turn your life over to a higher power
You can stay clean hour by hour
Listen to me friend you're not alone
all you have to do is pick up the fone
Listen very carefully to what I have to say
There is a better life for you in the walls of N/A
Walls of N/A

Walking in Bombay:
Finally that much needed vacation.
Look ahead as we really try to focus on it
Ever tried to hitch a ride on a moving train?
It must have been just a cart full of cattle
and a man sucking down a 40
crawling from the wreckage
~Walking in Bombay'
I don't know how we made it thru the jungle baby
Or how they knew we were going to do the wild thing...
It's a show and how we're starring in a movie
Sounds pretty groovy...oohhhh!
~Walking in Bombay'
Over there is a cow walking on the beach
It's O.K. you can walk your cattle down the street
Land mines everywhere
You'd beter put something on your feet...oohhhh!
~Walking in Bombay
Get the scooter 'cuz we're goin' to a pool party
You look so cute with a towel wrapped around your brain
It's so fun to swim with the elephants and Bangle Tigers

Little Red Horsies:
Little Red Horsies

I hate the dentist
That mother fucker
That piece of shit
He gave me a sucker!
Mouth Full Of Sores

Lonesome Road:
I'm married to my hand
You don't understand
Because I'm in command
My girlfriend left me 9 mo.'s to the day she said
I had nothing to say
~When has it been so lonely going down that lonesome road?
One too many days hanging out at the bar
Now I'm out of a job living in my car
I'm seeing double, voices in my head
I wet my car seat cause' I don't have a bed
Hey listen friend can you spare a dime?
Get out of my way I aint' got the time
Vodka, Gin, Scotch and beers
Been living hell on Earth for about 10 years
I check myself into a halfway house
I'm working 12 steps and I've got self

Witch Hunt:
America was founded on religious freedom
Freedom to believe what you want to believe
Freedom from religious persecution
Freedom to conceive what you want to conceive
It's your mind it's your decision
You have a bill of rights and a constitution
Just don't the violate the rights of those around you
I like to excersise my freedom of speech.
~Get the firewood and dig a ditch
We'er gunna build a fire and burn a witch
She's been a bitch for far too long
Put a noose around her neck and stretch it long
She's been excluded from religious freedom
Burn all the witches from here to Salem
Do you have any last requests
Your favorite sandwich on rye bread
What's going on inside your head
We wont rest until you're dead
There's nowhere for you to hide
You must have a demon inside
You're excluded from religious freedoms
It's for us but not for you
That's no freedom from persecution
That's an evil bigot's point of view.
Get Her

Johnny was a rebel from day one
Johnny was a rebel just having fun
Johnny liked to play with guns
Johnny's bro was a MIA
Johnny and his bro's had a lot to say
About that ugly war "Vietnam"
~Johnny don't fly your colors around here anymore cause'
Vietnam Was an ugly war but now it seems to me
That Vietnam's at your backdoor
These biker wars need to end
We need to ban together
So we can live to ride
and ride to live
How many bro's do we have to lose
Before we all decide to chose
To live and let live and ride free

The banking system's gunna fall
We're gunna have a free for all
You're getting kicked upside your jaw
They're gunna enforce Marshall Law
They're gunna take your guns from you
They say they know whats best for you
They're sneaking up behind your back
Getting ready for their attack
The government behind closed doors
Corporations greedy whores
They'll make you think their on your side
You're gunna want to run and hide
The media will work with them
and try to tell you their your friend
Their tanks are rolling into town
It's gunna force us underground
Their marshall law ends constitution
It's their answer the final solution
Their like a plague across the land
They have blue helmets and guns in hand
It's coming soon the New World Order
Your list of freedoms just got shorter
Their building bases and radar stations
It's the New World Order under United Nations

Takin' My Baby Rollin'
Pack the saddle bags cause we're gunna go rollin'
Roll up the sleeping bags cause' we're gunna go rollin'
Rollin' on
Rollin down the highway cause I wana see things my way
Rollin under bridges thru the turnpikes down the byways
Im taken my baby rollin
Rollin to the city heading down to San Fransico
Rollin up to Redding up to Portland to Seattle
Rollin thru the country over mountains to the desert
Rollin thru the desert just my baby and me
scooting on my Harley never felt so free
Rollin Arizona, Tex-Akana, Alabama,
Rollin up to Kanas to Nebraska, Minnesota
Rollin up to Canada, Alaska thru the Yukon
I'm taken my baby rollin, rollin on'
Rollin down to Sturgis, South Dakota, Appellations
Rollin thru Virginia to Missouri, Oklahoma
Rollin thru the mountains to the desert to the ocean
Cruzin down the highway just my baby and me
Cruzin on my Harley never felt so free
…On the highway

Human Being:
What I do to you I'm really doing to me
When I hate you It's that I'm hating me
Drink another beer so you can express your fear
So much built up inside there is nowhere to hide
I love u
I hate u
I wana kill u
It was such a lovely day
It really had a lot to say
The nurds are singing in the sky
It's just another day to die
This is "Brian Deneke's song
Will we ever make right his wrong?
It makes me want to cry to know the reason why
Someone had to die
He was innocent of any crime
Why did he have to die?
Let me tell you why
Bigotry and murder
They go hand in hand
Just like fear
Just like fear rules hate!
They never knew what he was like inside,
He was a Human Being


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