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Heavenletters, the CD

by Heavenletters

Inspires our hearts and spirit to greater conscious union with God and all of humanity, thereby creating more personal and world peace. Introduction by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D
Genre: Spoken Word: With Music
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1. Introduction
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8:28 album only
2. Miracles
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0:34 album only
3. Let Your Opinions Be Doors That Open
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3:26 album only
4. God's Light
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2:44 album only
5. Ego Walks on Stilts
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3:10 album only
6. Where Is God?
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2:38 album only
7. Happiness Is a Decision
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2:45 album only
8. Rise to the Greatness
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3:12 album only
9. If Your Heart Aches
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2:44 album only
10. Rhythm of Hearts
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3:38 album only
11. Others' Thoughts
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3:55 album only
12. Then What?
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3:19 album only
13. The Very Thought of You
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3:37 album only
14. The Holiness That Enjoins All
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3:59 album only
15. Impassioned Thoughts
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5:16 album only
16. You Are a Star Echoer
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3:58 album only
17. Your Destiny
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4:35 album only
18. Decisions
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3:25 album only
19. Remember Joy
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3:53 album only
20. Great Gratitude
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1:21 album only
21. You Are an Inceptor of Wonder
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5:35 album only
22. Thank You
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1:21 album only


Album Notes
Hello, I'm Dr. Bernie Siegel, and it is my privilege to introduce you to a series of messages from God called Heavenletters.

Some of you may be familiar with my work and books, the most well-known being Love, Medicine & Miracles, and the most recent, but, not the last, Prescriptions for Living.

We are all pieces of the puzzle of creation, and every single one of us is needed for its completion. Considering what the world is like after all these years, it's obviously not easy to solve the puzzle. But with God's help, I think we can understand and solve it with love.

I do not picture God as .... a person sitting somewhere directing traffic!

In truth, God is indefinable. God's wisdom, however, is available to us all. The great sages tell us that we can hear the Word of God. The Kabbalah talks exactly about what Heavenletters are doing. Kabbalah, incidentally, means receiving.

Catherine of Siena, in the fourteenth century, presented a series of questions to God and received responses and amplifications. She called these dialogs, the bridge. Her intimate conversations with God have been published in a book called, The Dialogue. Catherine said she knew it was God because of the beneficial effects of the dialog.

I sometimes wonder if Gloria wasn't Catherine in a past life.

If I had to attempt to define the Indefinable, I would say God is loving, intelligent, conscious Energy.

Heavenletters works on the level of consciousness and heart-wisdom, not intellect and head-wisdom.

As studies are showing, the heart contains nerve cells very similar to the brain and endocrine cells. The heart is more than a pump, believe me. I am speaking as a physician and scientist.

The heart is the cord that binds together the spiritual and the physical, the soul, and the finite world. Heavenletters is like that cord.

When we hear God's words, we bring light, energy, consciousness, and love and light to ourselves and others.

God's light never ceases to exist, and we are all luminaries like the stars, immortal and lighting the darkness for others to find their way, just as the stars guided the early explorers.

An ancient rabbi said that man was created so that he might lift up the Heavens. Why not? Who knows what we are capable of giving and doing.

One day our love will include all of mankind, and we will live the Oneness of God. One day, not God willing, but man willing, it will be on earth as it is in Heaven, and there will be peace on earth and good will to men.

With this CD, you are about to embark on an adventure with God. You are the hero. Listen well. I will leave you to your journey, for each must go on his or her own journey to find one's treasure chest.

So now, with God's blessing, find the treasure and return with it to the benefit of all.

Peace be with you, and as John Lennon wrote:

"Imagine all the people living for today. You may think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. So come and join us, and the world can live as One."


This is Gloria talking to you now. Isn't Bernie's introduction to the CD wonderful?

Just so you know, Dr. Siegel and I have never met, never talked on the phone, but do email. When I read Peace, Love & Healing, I kept reading about the Inner Voice, and I wrote to Dr. Siegel (who prefers to be called Bernie) and sent him a few sample Heavenletters. Based on the value of Heavenletters and Bernie's intimate connection with God, he has become a great mentor and angel to Heavenletters in every sense of the word. He made this CD possible. It is also his gift, as well as God's.

What is there left for me to say that Bernie hasn't said and said so well.

But I will say: Let God's words become the inspiration, grace, and delight of your heart.

Here's what God says:

"Receive Me more than My words. My
words are one thing. I am another.
The words are Mine, but they are
like an olive-branch held out for
you to grasp. My words lead you to
Me. They are pieces of bread
tossed upon the path for you to
follow to your destination of
God, in Heavenletters

The powers at CD Baby say it's good to make this long, so I'm going to tell all!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE what other people are saying about Heavenletters, the CD, scroll way down to the bottom of this page, and then come back and read more!


Seven years ago, I started writing letters to my inner child and got surprising answers.

After a while, I thought: "Hmm, if I can address myself and get answers, why not with God?"

I had always heard to go to the top, so I started asking questions to God, first for myself and later for others, and God answered with a common sense and vision far beyond anything I could ever have dreamed of. And later, all from God, what He wanted us to hear.

One thing about God, He wants His words shared.

Many feel uncomfortable when I say these messages are from God. Sometimes I feel funny saying it too.

At the same time, if I said these messages were from me, anyone who had ever met me would laugh out loud and I would have a hard time keeping a straight face too.

Some people might call the Source of these stunning messages Higher Consciousness, or Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, Spirit... That's fine with me.

Of course, anyone can "hear" a message from God. You undoubtedly have. It's easy because God is speaking all the time and wants us to hear these messages.

"What if I said that you
were the sun and the moon
and the sky and the upper
realm of reality? What if
I said that you were the
essence of existence, and
that your life exists for
you to find that out?"


I am going to tell you a true story about how Heavenletters came into being. But before I do, I want to make 4 disclaimers:

1. Attention is better put on what God says rather than any individual's story.

2. These extricated experiences are not IT. They are part of it, or a tracing of some of it, but they are not IT. Even if every thread were described, we wouldn't have the truth. The truth is God leads us, and we can only guess how after the fact.

3. My story could be misleading. We all stumble alike, and still good things happen.

4. There is a difference between spiritual and religious. The experiences I am about to tell you are spiritual.

Here goes:

I was born into a Jewish family that was not spiritual nor religious. My dear parents rather considered God as something people pretended to believe in, but no one really did. I did not buy into this, but I did not relate to God either. I had no thoughts about God.

Now we skip about fifty years until --

Quite by chance, I saw part of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR on my daughter's TV. Then another time, again by chance, I caught another part of it, and I fell in love with it. My daughter recorded it for me. From then on, that was what I did just about every evening, watch JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. I watched it 125+ times.

It was not simply a movie to me. God or Christ had enchanted it, or me, and I was there in the movie right with it. It played in my heart.

All of the stories of Christ's divinity I had learned in public school never made a dent in me. Quite the opposite.

But in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, his humanness drew me, and it was his humanness that awakened me to his divinity. He could get annoyed with his friends. He could be impatient. His friends let him down; why couldn't they even stay awake with him? And he wasn't keen on being crucified. He was real, spoke wisdom, and was innocent. It was through his humanness that I came to love him with all my heart.

Then JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR turned into a regular movie again, and the spell was over, as all spells are.

The same scenario was played with GODSPELL, appearing on my daughter's TV; she recorded it for me, and I watched it fascinated for 35+ times.

The second time I saw it, in the scene where Jesus removes the make-up from the faces of his friends and says good-bye to them, I heard myself blurt out: "I will never leave you again."

Now I am coming closer to how Heavenletters™ came about.

A friend of mine gave me a framed picture of Jesus. It was a picture of Christ manifested by Sai Baba from a photograph of the Shroud of Turin. I kept that golden picture of him on my coffee table.

When I was alone, I would sit by myself and really look into his eyes. His picture would melt me every time, and I would find myself crying. His compassion came forth from his eyes into my heart, and I would cry.

One time, no different from any other time, I was by myself, looking into his eyes, and suddenly Christ came out of the picture into the room and appeared before me. And then, before my eyes, his distinct image became golden light, all aura, and the light swirled before me and filled me.

And then he spoke to me. He said, "Gloria, I have been seeking you for a long time."

I said out loud: "YOU'VE been seeking ME?"

He said, "Yes, I have been seeking you for a long time."

And he went back into the picture.

Then I had a clear insight. I think the insight was given to me, and it wasn't really mine. It was that the seeker and the sought are the same. The seeker and the sought are the same.

At the moment, I understood that fully. It had not been said in words, but I understood that that was what I was supposed to know. That was the meaning of what Christ had said to me.

I cried and laughed, and I thought that from then on, whenever I would look at that picture, Christ would appear to me again in gold light, but it never happened again.

I believe he introduced me to God and handed me over to Him.

And I write down God's words, which, of course, He wants shared with all who can receive them.

"What is greatness but surpassing
the limits set by the world?"
God, in Heavenletters


If you are still reading this, I congratulate you!

How Godwriting and Heavenletters came about, I can really only guess. I can hitch this and that together and say this is how it happened, but I'm not really certain of How and What. Of course, I love to think that the Why was D * E * S * T * I * N * Y!

Not likely that anyone would have picked me out except God. I don't want to say that I am the most unlikely person, but I sure wouldn't have made the top ten list - or hundred, or thousand or....

Sometimes I think I was chosen (or did I choose myself?) so anyone who reads Heavenletters or listens to the CD could say, "Well, if SHE can do it, I certainly can."

Anyway, Godwriting happened, and I jump for joy to be part of it. I accept it wholeheartedly. What else could possibly absorb me like this. Only God. Nothing but God. What I call God, this Voiceless Voice that captures my being.

I am delighted, glad, grateful, proud, humbled, awed, and scared-for you don't really think I know what I'm doing, or where this is really going and what is going to happen next or that I am ready for it!

Sometimes Godwriting is just part of life like any other, like reading the newspaper or going for a walk. It's something I do. I sit down to it. When I'm in the midst of Godwriting, I'm not thinking about it. I'm letting it happen. My whole focus is there.

I have to say that Godwriting is when I am at my happiest even though I am not conscious of happy or anything like that at the time. I could almost say that Godwriting is a time of no thought, no thoughts of my own, only God whispering His thoughts, and I listening for them.

I say this although, when Godwriting, I am well aware of my surroundings, the wind in the trees, whether I feel hot or cold, and what my stomach feels like. I hear all the house sounds, and I can let the cat in. Even while Godwriting, life goes on.

How did it begin? The danger in trying to select events is that things are made more dramatic than they really were.

But here goes -- this is my spiritual journey. I'll reveal all I can think of that seemed to lead up to Godwriting over a span of more than fifty years.

"You have been granted earth.
You have been granted the world.
What I have given you is in your hands.
Let your hands be hands of love.
Let them exemplify My love.
Be gentle with the earth and
the world and the people
who share it with you. Be gentle."

Writer Ambitions

I always wanted to be a writer. When I was an unhappy teenager, I used to write up in the attic in a little alcove on a maple desk. Every night, without fail, and with relish, I would write about ten pages, filling both sides.

I fell into a better filing system than I've ever had since. I just placed one written page after another face down in a drawer that was just the right size to hold the pages neatly.

But wanting to be a writer wasn't the only thing going on in my life or occupying my thoughts. So this is not so big as it sounds now.

As years of writing went by and my writing was not so overtly autobiographical as it had been, my greatest lack was in plotting. I had even said, "If only someone could give me a plot and tell me what to write."

I didn't mean dictation, of course, but, look, here I am now, taking dictation from the Storyteller of All Time.

Direction of Education

When I was a senior in high school, the counselor had suggested that I become a kindergarten teacher. She sent me to observe a kindergarten class, and, of course, I liked it.

I went to college with the intention of becoming a kindergarten teacher. But when it came to choosing classes, I didn't want the elementary ed courses. I wanted the literature courses, and so I became a lit major.

I was not seeking God, yet I think that it was God in literature that drew me. What are the great thoughts of great writers but God's? What are all these eternal and universal truths but God's? But then I just knew I was drawn.

Religion never drew me. Sometimes I missed having what other people seemed to have, but of itself, I was way outside it.

I didn't even get what religion was supposed to be. It was not real to me, and I had no reverence.

I did not have disrespect either, but I could only have faked any connection to it or even understanding of what it might be or was really for. I did not feel God in a church or synagogue. Religion was a foreign language to me.

When I was in high school, it was a social thing to go to services on the High Holidays, and one time some other girls and I went to a little orthodox synagogue in the North End of the town I lived in. Only old people still went there. Of course, it no longer exists.

The little old ladies sat in a balcony and they prayed with fervor. I felt these women had something I didn't, and that what they had was real and good, but that's the closest I ever got to feeling something deep religious-wise.

When I was in college, there was one highly religious Jewish girl. Her name was Shulamith Moses. She was excused from Saturday classes. I knew Shulamith only in passing.

Once in the ladies' room, she said to me, "You know, Gloria, some day you will really have to come to terms with God."

I thought Oh, and didn't know what to make of it really. I felt some shame and puzzlement and had no idea what there possibly was to do about it. Of course, I did nothing. But I have never forgotten Shulamith.

The Bible

The best Bible thing that ever happened to me was the five minutes or so every morning throughout my public school years when the teachers would read from the Bible before or after the Salute to the Flag.

I don't imply that I really listened, but some of the words got from my ears to my mind and maybe even my heart. Any of the slight knowledge of the Bible I have comes from those mornings when the sundry teachers read aloud.

Incidentally, I was literary editor of my high school yearbook. The yearbook had to have a special quote or theme - I'm not sure what it was called - but I chose it, and this is what I chose: "Let your light so shine before men." Mathew. I must have known something before I knew anything.

California and Discovery

I grew up in Massachusetts, but when I was married, I lived in Sacramento, California. My daughter was born there. I do not remember going to services, but my husband did so I must have had some contact.

The synagogue was hard up for a Sunday School teacher, and the cantor asked me if I would help out. I told him I had no background and all but he didn't see that as a problem. Isn't that a wonder?

I had a second grade class, and I pretty much did what I wanted. I guess there were books and we talked about the holidays and I faked it pretty well.

I also remember doing some Waldorf School type things with the children. We reenacted creation! As God created the world, we put our arms up into a round O, and we said a big Ohhh. Then Adam named everything and Eve followed him around. After each naming, we all said a big admiring Ahhh, and we raised our arms in awe.

I had no faith, and no concern with God, and yet I would tell my daughter a story when she was little, about how God was looking for a wonderful little girl for her father and me, how God searched all over the world for the most precious child. He looked here and he looked there, until he found a magnificent little girl for us named Lauren. Of course, I strung it out.

It was only after I started meditating that I began to discover I was a spiritual being. My daughter was twelve then. My conscious desire for God grew and grew. I can remember times I was absolutely desperate to know God.

I would pound my pillow, and cry out: "I want to know God. And I want to know I know." That went on for a couple of years before Godwriting started.

"The ground under you
is comforting, but The
Heavens above are
your foundation. Put
more attention on the
Heavens above, and
your fears will have
nowhere to go but


About fifteen years ago, long before Godwriting, someone did my eastern astrological chart. He said I was going to do some spiritual writing.

I said, "But I write fiction." He said, "That may well be, but you are going to do some spiritual writing." I just shrugged that off. I did not go around thinking about what he said.

Actually, I was well into Godwriting and didn't remember it at all until one time, wanting to test an answering machine, I grabbed a tape and stuck it in. The random tape turned out to be the recording of that session with the astrologer. The answering machine worked, and the part I happened to hit on was: "You are going to do spiritual writing." Only then did I remember.

Also about fifteen years ago, I consulted with a very special chiropractor over the telephone. In the midst of his telling me what vertebrae were out and what tea I should drink, he started laughing. He said, "Oh, my, you are going to have great many spiritual blessings. You are going to be very happy."

Actually, I forgot about that too until I was giving a Godwriting workshop in Pennsylvania, and a friend of mine who was attending reminded me that I had told her about that long before.

A Course in Miracles

About nine years ago, I came across a soft back edition in excellent condition of A Course in Miracles at the Bargain Box, a local Goodwill type store, for twenty cents!

When I got the book home, I discovered I was not able to read it. My eyes would go over the page but I couldn't read it. I couldn't even begin to read it. Every once in a while, I'd take it out and try again. No luck.

It was a couple of years before, finally, not only was I able to read it, I couldn't put it down! I read it like a novel. It became a page turner. I am sure I read it faster than anyone in the history of man. I read it four times and did the workbook twice.

Godwriting started when I was still reading A Course in Miracles, and I am pretty sure A Course in Miracles tilled the field, so to speak.

My Godwriting at this time was mostly personal. There was a Godwriting one time that casually said: "And when you have your ministry...." This was not happy for me.

Ministry, even the word, was so far away from me. To me, it was an artificial imposed word, and I could not relate to it. It was a turn-off. I would never chose to have anything to do with any ministry and certainly not start one.

But, of course, I did. At least the word ministry is part of Heaven's name. Well, actually, at first, I hedged, and chose the name Heaven Association. Association I could deal with. I also liked that the initials formed HA.

Then, lo and behold, we became Heaven Ministry (HM).

Then later and now, we became The Godwriting International Society of Heaven Ministries (GISHM)! Ministry became plural, so I must be becoming good at it, though I still don't really know what ministry means.

And, yes, I did send away for a paper, and I can call myself a minister even though it's all a mystery to me. God has called me typist, typewriter, and this fits better.

Loving A Course in Miracles so much, I started an informal weekly group where we met to read from it out loud. I never wanted to discuss interpretations. I never wanted to even hear anyone's interpretation. Just reading the words meant much more to me than any interpretation.

I was not interested in studying the book. I didn't want anyone, no matter how wise or wonderful, telling me what a sentence or passage meant.

Except for great deals at the local Bargain Box, apparently I am not interested in anything second-hand.

I feel the same about Heavenletters as I did A Course in Miracles. The original words give us more than any interpretation ever could. Fortunately, God agrees with me, or, rather, I am agreeing with Him. I hope that's what it is.

Now to something else that seemed to deliberately influence the arrival of Godwriting.

A Little Nun

There was one other tiny precipitating factor. A friend loaned me a little book translated from the French, Lui et Moi, He and I. It contained the conversation between a sweet nun from olden days and Jesus. Basically, the book went like this:

The nun would write down the date and location of where she was. She would say she was unworthy to be in the presence of Christ. And Christ would say, No, no, she was worthy.

The simplicity and innocence of this book touched me very much.

At some point, I said to myself: If this little nun can do this, I certainly can. I can do better than this. I can branch out and ask wider questions.

And that's how I came to dare to write to God and hear what He had to say.

"Look into the mirror of My eyes
and see your magnificence, and
blaze it forth so that all may see
the volumes of you that are yet
unwritten. Unfold the pages of
your life. Begin."


Did you read all the way here? Blessings.

Now that I have told you my spiritual journey, will you tell me yours?

Email me: gloria@heavenletters.org

Write to me: Gloria Wendroff, Godwriting International, P.O. Box 16, Fairfield IA 52556

Read more about God on the Heaven web site www.gloria@heavenletters.org

One by one, we bring earth closer to Heaven.


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Katharine Giovanni, author of "God, is that you?"

Superbly Done! These beautiful words will touch your soul
God's words are exactly what the world needs to hear right now, and this inspiring CD is filled with heaven sent guidance. I was humbled by the beauty of the words and inspired by the ideas. In fact, not only are many of the thoughts and ideas presented similar to what I myself have heard from Him, but there were several parts that touched me to my very soul. Parts that I needed to hear. Thank you.

It was superbly done and Gloria's courage to bring them to the world is to be commended. The light emanating from this work is outstanding.

B. Mawiyah Clayborne, Ph.D.

Delightful and memorable!!
How exciting it was for me to open my mail and find the beautiful Heaven CD!! Thank you, again and again, and please know that I am ordering several more, as my family and friends will enjoy it just as I have the last few days.

My favorite? ALL of THEM!! "Ego Walks on Stilts" is exceptionally delightful and memorable. There was a burst of "shakti" in your voice, toward the end that caused me to chuckle inside.

Bernie's intro was powerful and introduced you and God in a very professional and heartfelt way. Thanks for what God is bringing to the world.


Wonderful, inspiring, and heartwarming!
I love this CD! Wonderful, timely words for these crazy times.

Joyce Matozzi

Beautiful! God's words reflect the deepest wisdom, and the deepest peace!

Ginger Nelson, Master Herbalist

Inspiring, uplifting and profound.
Heavenletters, the CD, is a Masterpiece! It's enriching to life in every way.

ruth seagull

excellent introduction; inspiring, uplifting messages, beautifully read
Heavenletters the CD is a wonderful collection of inspired messages from God. Bernie Siegel's brilliant introduction creates a scientific frameworkfor understanding the process. Listening to Gloria's voice, which reflects her innocent and pure soul, brings the letters to life so that their impact is even more powerful than when one reads these uplifting messages..


Gentle reminders from God
The Heavenletters CD offers us gentle reminders from God of our purpose in life. In each Heavenletter, God nudges us closer to Him/Her. This CD soothes the heart and calms the mind. Simply wonderful and uplifting!

Tony E

Words of inspiration just when you need it
Have you ever picked up a magazine or an inspirational book and found just the rights words to solve a problem you were mulling around in your mind? That's just what Heavenletters does. These are inspiring words and so very timely in the troubled world that many of us live in

Joann Marie Donahoe,DVM

A Brilliant and Loving Gift to the World
Heavenletters the CD, is like walking into a Celestial Garden for a Celebration of Life Banquet. Every view, flower and morsel you taste, is filled with incredible richness, flavor and beauty, that fills all the senses and yet at the same time, makes you anxious to share this with others. Bernie and Gloria, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of love and wisdom, with the world!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your SPECTACULAR collaboration!!!


Heavenletters soothes the soul.
Listening to Heavenletters makes washing the dishes celestial. Gloria's voice is full of joy and light. Heavenletters speaks to the best in us.