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The Eponymously Titled

by Jimlapbap

Having made a niche of fans aged 5-80 on YouTube with his unique arrangements, jimlapbap releases his debut semi-demo album of originals (and 2 covers), loaded with many genres including a cappella, rock, and everything in between.
Genre: Rock: Comedy Rock
Release Date: 

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1. Weather in Kansas City
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2. Barbershop Star
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3. Orange Tic-Tac
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4. Mary Mary Fair
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5. 90 Minute Song
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6. Jelly Doughnut
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7. Shall We Masticate?
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8. Arachibutyrophobia
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9. Casey
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10. Lyricist Wanted
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11. What Are You Wearing?
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12. Melody
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13. Fireflies (a Cappella)
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14. Todd
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15. Get Off the Stage
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16. Weather in Honolulu
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Album Notes
Liner Notes (1)

Welcome, o brave listener, to the musical mind of jimlapbap! I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much I as enjoy making it.

"The Eponymously Titled*" is something of a "Greatest Hits in the mind of Me" over the last ten years. Browsing through my many songs I wrote, I noticed that I have roughly 6 hours of original music and arrangements in my more "pop" (2) style. After starting on YouTube in 2008, I've gained a small niche of fans and have a small network going, despite never playing a "pop" style concert in public. So, I've weeded out what I believe are the best originals, and two cover songs (3) and put them into this first album of mine. Some of these were written for YouTube, and some were written before YouTube, and never heard publicly until now. Most have been remastered (4) to sound better from the YouTube version, and some have had tracks re-recorded, which are an improvement over the versions on YouTube. (5)

Track Listing and Lyrics:

All songs written by jimlapbap (Wesley Allan Johnson, ASCAP), unless otherwise noted

1. "Weather In Kansas City" (2006)
A semi-improvised number about the constant, and many times drastic, weather shifts one experiences when one lives in the Midwestern United States. Its original purpose was to test out how computerized my pitch-correction software would sound when the harmonies are just transposed from the melody. (Answer: yes)


I'd like to sing a little song about the city I live in, and the weather it has.
I call it "Weather in Kansas City."

The weather in Kansas City is very interesting
One day it could be sunny
And then the next day it just could be:
Freezing rain, hail, thunderstorms, tornado, fog, wind,
Sunny again, light rain with green clouds everywhere,
Snow, ice, then snow again—before the ice melts, of course
And this is just a day in February

People ask "Is this normal?"
I say "Who knows?…. No, really we don't know."
As far as I can tell—I mean, meteorologists must love it here

It's never the same
It's never the same
The weather in Kansas City is never the same
Never the same, never the same
The weather here in Kansas City
Is never
The same
It's not the same


2. "Barbershop Star" (barbershop arrangement of "Rockstar" by Nickelback) (2008)
Original written by: Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroger, Daniel Adair
Original produced by: Black Diesel Music, Zero-G Music, Arm Your Dillo Publishing, Warner Tamerlane Publishing
arranged with permission
[Note: lyrics are not explicit, but they are PG-13 (describing the "rock'n'roll" lifestyle) and likely not suitable for children]

An idea I had rolling in my brain for years was to adapt a rock song as a barbershop quartet, inspired originally by "Weird Al" Yankovic's polka medleys. Originally it started out as "This Is How You Remind Me," but the time rolled on and I never finished it. When I got onto YouTube, I began giving "lessons" on how to transform one style into another, such as "Drops of Jupiter" into a Russian folk song. I only made a snippet, which found its way onto BBC One in the UK in July of 2008. As this was my first sampling of "popularity" I made a full version, and is one of my most watched YouTube videos (6). In the four years since I made this recording I've leaned a few things about mixing, and have tweaked the recording so that I sounds better, and is at a slightly faster tempo (how I had originally envisioned it).


3. Orange Tic-Tac (2000, 2009)

One of my many food songs (7). This originated as a poem while I was in college, and I was always curious as to why the so-called "mint" tasted more like candy. Originally this was going to be an all-out bluegrass when I first wrote the poem in 2000, but the years rolled onward, and I became more comfortable infusing all sorts of stylistic influences. As a result, one could call this "jazz-grass-hop-rock."


Oh beautiful Orange Tic-Tac
You'll never be a knick-knack
But a tasty, tasty quick snack
Causing songs to be sung
You say that you are minty
With a lovely orange tint-y
But the mintiness, there's no hint-y
On my orange-flavored tongue.


Oh, I could finish a box of you
As peacefully as a dove, you
Make me say "I love you"
When I'm finished with a box

'Cause your flavor's so tasty
It could never get pasty
Eating you I am hasty
Like I'm as hungry as three jocks.


I love having you handy
With your taste that's so dandy
So sweet, it's much like candy
Eating you makes me shout

But then I imagine you're human
Then I'd hate to me you, man:
People opening your noogin
and dumping your insides out....



4. Mary Mary Fair (2005)

A friend of mine in her masters program was studying rounds as education methods in her student teaching. This is quite more difficult than "Row Row Row Your Boat," as it's a four-part round with relatively complex harmonies (such as a borrowed flat VII major 7th chord (8)).


Mary Mary Fair
Was standing right there,
And with no care
She cut off all her hair,
And on the stair
She then did declare:
"I know that it's rare
My scalp is bare!"


5. 90 Minute Song (2006)

I've somewhat prided myself on how fast I can write a song from beginning to end, so I decided to see if I could write and record a song in 90 minutes. Naturally, the song is about how I'm writing a song in 90 minutes. (9) As I have learned that I can make it sound better with extra tweaking, the total time spent the post production of this song has FAR exceeded 90 minutes.


I had a crazy idea about a song
That should last about maybe 5 minutes long.
Now you all think I'm probably insane, so don't laugh.
I intend to write this in about an hour and a half.

If I happen to pull this off, it'll be a neat trick
To come up with this in a short time, this music.
And moreover, and this may sound absurd
In this hour and a half, I've written every word

Since I've had little time to rehearse
I should probably go
To the chorus you know
At the end of this first verse,

And since this part seems just a little depleted
I should have guessed
That it was best
To have this part repeated.

Well, not much time put into it
Written in about 90 minutes.
Oh no look what time has passed;
I better get on making this song fast.

Since I forgot to mention, I need to say
That I all instruments on this song I did play,
Except for the drums on this little diddy,
For that was handled by the MIDI.

Though, I could do a beatbox
Since on some occasions that totally rocks
No, I think it makes much more sense
To have the computer do those instruments

So before I become a musical liar
I gotta keep fightin'
WIth the musical writin'
Before the time expires

And since this part seems still a little depleted,
I should have guessed
That it was best
To have this part repeated.


Gotta get on
Making this song
Making this song now fast

The Bridge

This is the link,
Or so I think,
From the second to the last chorus.
Before we get too far,
I think the guitar should do a little solo for us.

Bridge, the bridge, the end of the bridge


I better get to finishing this song now fast


6. Jelly Doughnut (2002)

This is one of the earliest original rock songs in my repertoire, and as it is know is pretty close to how it was when I first wrote it (with a few drum exceptions). This originally stemmed from the Bobs who had a contest from fans to send them a title and they would write a song about it. I was very close to sending in "The Earth's Been Turned Into A Jelly Doughnut," when I realized I was a composer.


It was a Thursday about a quarter after three
When I saw a flying saucer land next to me.
They asked me kindly, and I came willingly.
They said I'd be a great ambassador, you see.

They said "We have come to help out you guys."
They smiled and said "Our method may be something of a surprise."
Then they took a laser of monumental size
And fired it at the Earth right before my eyes!

I got mad said "Why did you do that?
You squashed the Earth in two seconds flat!"
They said it was going to be all right,
But I wasn't listening, ready to fight.

Just as I was ready to kick some butt
The aliens said "Look.
The smoke cleared
The Earth was still there.
And I yelled, "What?!"

I said
The Earth's been turned into a jelly doughnut
It just looks really weird
They said "This response is
Just exactly what we feared."

They said "Don't worry, we're not insane."
This is perfectly logical.
You will never starve again,
You'll always be full.

They said "Don't worry, let us explain.
There are countless thing you have to gain.
Your civilization will forever sustain
There'll be no more famine, suffering, or pain."

"Now let us tell you why we hired you:
Calm the humans, that's what you need to do
We're not hypocritical, we benefit from this, too.
Our home planet is one big tiramusu."

I went back the people were raving
Ready for some mean and violent behaving
I told them it was going to be all right
But they weren't listening, ready to fight.

They wanted to get an A-bomb and set it
But told them everything, but they all shouted
"We don't get it!"

I said "The Earth's been turned into a jelly doughnut.
From here down to the core.
Stuff yourself from a tree or shrub
And you'll be wanting more."

"The land's now made up of the bread part,
Jelly now in the oceans.
We will never starve again
So calm your emotions."

We're all livin' on a jelly doughnut

Where the water surrounding the Florida beaches
Has its jelly flavored like ripened peaches.
People can go to the Philippines
For toppings like sprinkles and jelly beans.

Cool frosted fillings people can chow
Around St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Across the English Channel there's a ferry
Where you can reach down and scoop blueberry.

And high on a mountain a huge arrow
Points to the jelly falls near Rio de Janeiro
And for health nuts Mali, the Saharan country,
Is all sugar substitute and fat free.

I know all this jelly could make one sick it's true.
But that's only Earth—or shall I say "Dessert Planet 32."
If you want meat or veggies, sick of sugary goo.
Venus is so hot, they turned it into a barbecue.

And now the Earth is one big jelly doughnut
We've got all flavors you can name
The Sweet Western Milky Way Cluster
Will never be the same

So, if you're full on Orions Onions
Or Polaris' ham on rye
Take a shuttlecraft to Earth for dessert
We'll get a sugar high

Jelly doughnut, yum.


7. Shall We Masticate? (2003)

Stemming from a guitar lick I came up while practicing for a guitar recital, while entering the title when I had to "Save As," I wrote it "Shall We Masticate?" with no intention of lyrics ever matching. Naturally, while the "masticate" joke is old, I couldn't pass up filling in this made up dating story.


I went out just the other night
I met a woman who seemed just right.
She had a smile one couldn’t refute
I just knew that we were on the right route
So I decided to ask her out
She said “yes” without a doubt
So we picked a great place to meet
A fine restaurant, and it was my treat
And right before we started to eat,

I said
“Shall we masticate?” then she slapped my face
She said “how could you say such a thing in this public place?”
All because I knew
A word that means to chew.

I thought her reaction was too extreme
Nonetheless it hurt my self-esteem
Then I met another person in a shoe store
And I decided to try dating once more
Same routine again, I asked her to dinner
I thought for sure sure she was a winner
So I thought I’d try a little jest
Maybe her vocabulary was blessed
Thus it I decided to test

I said
“Shall we masticate?” then she let out a gasp
She said “you take that back” as my neck she did grasp
I guess there’s only a few
That knows the word means to chew.

Well I think that it’s absurd
To get upset over a word
When people think the words are obscene
When really they don’t know what they mean

Well I guess the time draws nigh
For those certain words to just die
Though, I think they’re really fun
But I can’t say them ‘cause they sound like another one

I’ll use them with good intentions
But it ends up being a curse
Then I’ll reply “let me rectify”
But that only makes it worse

And you should see the look on people’s faces
When I use the word “niggardly” it means I’m “greedy,” not racist.

I was so depressed you see
I thought maybe no one’s really right for me.
Then a woman eyed me on the sidewalk
I tried to avoid her afraid of my own talk
She convinced me to go on a date
I agreed, though afraid of my fate
Afraid of being brutally maimed
I kept my mouth verbally tamed
And that’s when she exclaimed:

She said,
“Shall we masticate?” and I gave a big smile
I said “I haven’t met someone like you in quite a while”
We were the only two
In that place that knew it meant to chew.

And now we masticate together all the time
And try not to be niggards, and it is just sublime
And you can too,
Learn a word that means to chew.


8. Arachibutyrophobia (2005)

This is an actual phobia: the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth. Naturally, the way my mind works, this topic was begging to have a song written about it. The brass quintet is very much MIDI, and of course would have MUCH better with real instruments. Also, I'm told the syncopation is very hard. And yay, a 5/4 bridge section.


Don't you dare give me that spoon.
Don't you care if I eat that soon
Forever and ever shall it
Remain on my soft or hard palette?

And don't you try to spread
That stuff onto my bread
The thought gives me such chills
It'll never make it past my tonsils.

How can assume that a tasty treat
Can come from a legume and be safe to eat?
Arachibutyrophobia, certain death lurks for me
Accompanied by jelly.
Arachibutyrophobia, it'll never go south
But remain in my mouth
Like a creamy or crunchy leach
Impeding my smile or speech.

Don't you dare open that jar
That knife you've got won't get far
No, I don't fear the blade
It's the stuff on it of which I'm afraid.

Just tighten up that lid,
And I'll forget what you almost did.
I would regardless keep it shut,
A substance like glue mixed with a peanut.


Today is gonna be the day.
I'm being brave, okay.
And spreading my fears away.

All right, and now with all my might
I'll start this digestive fight
Here goes with my first bite.

You know, as far as butters go
It's not the edible foe.
Now time to swallow.


CHORUS (with mouth full of peanut butter)


9. Casey (2008)

This was a commission from a lady whose daughter is a big fan of my YouTube channel. When I wrote this, she was 5, so I'm sure many of her interests have faded, but this is one of my personal favorite customized songs. I have the firm belief that children's songs don't have to have 2 chords with a simple melody, and that if kids can listen to classical music, they can listen to my weird chord progressions, too!


Who really likes play the drums and sing?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y
Who goes to Tanglewood and Harvey's for swimming?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y

When some orange soda she has had
She might be found around daddy Brad
Or possibly mommy or another
The one she calls "little brother"

Who loves to go out to chuck e cheese?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y
Who loves chips, oreos, and brownies?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y

It spells out Casey

Who's loves being at the playground?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y
Who's the one that Mousie is around?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y

-One thing that she says is great
-Is anything that will inflate
-You also might find her looks
-Toward the series of Bob Books

-Who likes to jump on an inflatable trampoline
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y
-Who's someone in Miss Christie's class can be seen?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y

Which spells out Casey

She's got a thing in the family where
Each one's a part of Little Bear
She likes to draw things on a face
And make cakes on Purble Place

When she's not playing on the computer
She's learning to ride a little scooter
And a bicycle too, let us not forget
With knee pads and matching helmet

A cappella!

Who loves M&Ms that are yummy?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y
And who really seems to like videos made by, uh, me?
C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y

C-A-S-E-Y, C-A-S-E-Y


10. Lyricist Wanted (2007)

I've never been able to write so-called "serious" songs (10), so I'm always looking for people who want their lyrics or poetry set to music. This is probably the most "composed" song on here, as the parts and harmonies were much more planned, then realized.


The construction of words is quite a task.
How to choose the right ones that will appeal to listeners?
I've realized that without sounding completely silly
That my skill and talent involves music.
Only music, and that's about it. so…Oh,

I am in need of a lyric writer
Because I can't write lyrics
The low quality of poetry in the song
Is quite evident as you can tell
I'm completely avoiding rhymes.
There's not much artistic wordsmithing going on.

I can practically spew out songs in a short amount of time
My pile of wordless ones is cluttering up my computer space
But apparently songs about things like
Doughnuts, chewing, peanut butter, aliens, and constantly changing weather patterns
Evidently makes me a poor musician.


My lyrics have been described as by various people (and I'm quoting here)
Amateur, stupid, silly, juvenile, crazy, and at best, clever.
Nothing more than that.

I really hope the music in this song will attract some good lyricists
Who will visit me online
Just search for jimlapbap and contact me, because



11. What Are You Wearing? (2003)

This was a song based on a zinger my mother once said. The style is somewhat reminiscent of Renaissance choral music, and was once performed as a last-minute replacement for a more difficult choral piece (11). Apologies for my transposed voice sounding creepy (and this applies for all instances of this).


12. Melody (2007)

Along with "Casey," this is my other favorite customized song. Originally supposed to be in the style of Maroon 5, it morphed into a this. Melody was an assistant manager where I worked, and every time there was crazy weather, she seemed to be on duty, including the day a tornado that touched down less than a mile away.


You just know it's gonna rain
Every time she walks in the door
Don't figure it out you'll go insane
And feel sorry for her Green ZX Ford

You may try to explain the certain types of fronts
Or how the patterns are consistent each season
You may try to explain that it's only certain months
But the horrific clouds appear for only one reason:

For the weather only waits for Melody to clock in
For when she arrives the snowstorm can begin
There's no need for meteorology forcastin'
For when she leaves work it's sunny again

When she starts her duties where she's employed
You know the winds will shift from the north
Before you think that she's just paranoid
Ask her about the tornado on May 4th

You may try to explain the certain types of fronts
Or how the patterns are consistent each season
You may try to explain that it's only certain months
But the horrific clouds appear for only one reason:

For the weather only waits for Melody to clock in
For when she arrives the tornado can begin
There's no need for meteorology forcastin'
'Cause when she leaves work it's sunny again


For the weather only waits for Melody to clock in
For when she arrives the hailstorm can begin
There's no need for meteorology forcastin'
'Cause when she leaves work it's sunny again

For the weather only waits for Melody to clock in
For when she arrives the thundersnow can begin
There's no need for meteorology forcastin'
'Cause when she leaves work it's sunny again


13. Fireflies (2009) (a cappella arrangement/transcription of "Fireflies" by Owl City)
Original written by: Adam Young
Original produced by: Ocean City Park

While most of my arrangements have some stylistic intention (such as "Barbershop Star"), I decided to "do the popular thing" of simply transcribing all parts and mimicking them in an a cappella transcription. The original YouTube video was completed 24 hours after I first heard this song. This version has been rerecorded completely, incorrect notes from my first arrangement have been corrected, and the whistling found in the original video was substituted with "doot"-ing. A lot of mixing and production also went into this version to make it sound clearer.


14. Todd (2005)

An almost throwaway customized song, requested by a person at work who wanted a short piece in the style of incomprehensible British punk rock.


15. Get Off the Stage (2004, 2008)

A hypothetical granting of a request.


How do I deal
With the audience’s rage?
They’re throwing things at me
Yelling “get of the stage!”
Get off the stage
Shut the door, turn the page
Get off the stage
Get off the stage

Is the dodging of bottles/coffee mugs
Worth staying
Up here for one more song?
Can I keep playing while I duck
and fend for my music
I hope that this won’t last long

They’re not happy with me
Like a broker making minimum wage
Now I’m starting to wonder
If I should get off the stage
Get off the stage
Shut the door, turn the page
Get off the stage
Get off the stage

Could it be my music
Maybe too strange or
Not really with the times
I might just have offended half
of the crowd with
Bad melodies or stupid rhymes

So how do I deal
With the audience’s rage?
They’re still throwing things at me
Yelling “get of the stage!”
Get off the stage
Shut the door, turn the page
Get off the stage
Get off the stage

So if you do not like this
Please don’t take it out by
Launching food and drink
Just get up for a walk
Don’t worry next up
There’ll be someone that you like (I think)


I hope they don't kill me
Like a lion busted out of his cage
But that just may happen because I’ve been singing:
“Get Off the Stage”
Get off the stage
See that disapproval gauge?
It even reads
“Get off the stage!”

Maybe I should have put some lyrics there
But now I’ve got nothing to rhyme it with

They’re still throwing things at me
Yelling “get off the stage!”


16. Weather in Honolulu (2008)

A sequel/cousin to "Weather in Kansas City," because moving from the midwest to Honolulu is about as opposite as one can get, weather-wise. The wildly fluctuation weather patterns in Kansas City are nearly nonexistent in Honolulu's tropical weather. The temperature fluctuation on some days in Kansas City would be wider than the year-round temperature range in Honolulu. (12)


Hello, I'd like to sing a song about the city I now live in, and the weather it has
I call it: "Weather in Honolulu."

The weather in Honolulu is very interesting
One day it could be sunny,
And then the next day it just could be:
Then sunny again.
Oh, look, a bit of rain, but that will pass in about maybe 10 minutes.
It's sunny on Sunday and 86.
Sunny on Tuesday and 85.
Sunny on Wednesday and 87.
Sunny on Thursday
Those clouds never seem to come off the mountain
Do they?

People ask
"Is this normal?"
We say "Yes."
No, really that's it.
Meteorologists must be bored to tears. Seriously.

It's always the same.
It's always the same.
The weather in Honolulu is always the same
Always the same
The weather here is always
Always the same.
It's always the same.




In making this album, one thing I discovered is that I don't think I'm very good at mixing, which is why this leans more on the spectrum of a "demo album" rather than a real "first release."

(For those of you who are regular visitors to my YouTube page, you know the disclaimer I put out. So here it is!)

I do not consider myself a singer, but rather a composer/arranger. I just am the only one who is crazy enough to try and perform this. As a result, the raw, unedited tracks aren't very in tune, and not completely together. This is why I use note editing software (which is both rhythm and pitch correction). The goal of this album is to make my compositions and arrangements sound as good as possible, rather than to promote my own performing skills. I think of it as like a "vocal MIDI."

Speaking of MIDI, naturally, the nuances of real performers playing instruments would sound much better than the MIDI I have on here. Of course, if you're a fan of older They Might Be Giants music (13), you'll find a lot of similarities.

And now for the list of equipment, hardware, and software I use, which gets me from idea to you, the listener!

Mac Pro (2006 model, it still works!)
Audiobox USB: recording and MIDI interface

Yamaha Silent Guitar Nylon: rocking out classical style
Aria banjo: the instrument that's been with me the longest
Yamaha XG keyboard: nothing fancy, but been with me for 8 years
Ibanez bass guitar: welcome to the family!
Yamaha gitalele: 6 strings, plays like a guitar, sounds like a ukulele

Finale 2011: Composing and arranging the notation
Melodyne: Note editing (pitch and rhythm correction)
Logic Express: Mixing and sequencing

MIDI instrument libraries:
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Garritan Jazz and Big Band
Garritan World Instruments
Native Instruments Kontakt 3
Native Instruments Battery 3

Business End:
CDBaby: for album uploading and distribution
Limelight: for permission obtained to cover "Rockstar" and "Fireflies."



My parents, who always have said "It's about time someone in this family becomes a musician."
You, who bought this!
Various musical influences, I'm sure none of which are reading this (especially the ones no longer alive): Moxy Früvous, They Might Be Giants, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Ben Folds Five, the Bobs, Gentle Giant, Charles Ives, William Bolcom, Mark Applebaum, Laurie Anderson, Olivier Messiaen, every classical composer I had to study in music history and composition methods class. Composition faculty Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Paul Rudy, James Mobberley, Thomas Osborne, Donald Womack, Takeo Kudo, and Byron Yasui who somehow let me explore my own style. Other teachers Roger Beermann, Rick Howell, Phil Posey, James Grimm, William Everett, Frederick Lau, Katherine McQuiston, Peggy Adams (14)
Mike Dulin, who pointed me in the direction of actually selling this stuff.
Shoko Hino for the idea behind "Mary Mary Fair."
Derek Kwan and Scott Sherer, who introduced me to most of my favorite popular (and some classical) music.
CDBaby and Limelight, who can turn my songs here into an actual album.


Footnotes to the liner notes (?!)

(1) The written type of note, not the musical type.

(2) As opposed to my "classical/experimental" music is usually too "artsy" for the masses, such as a concerto for banjo, shamisen, and orchestra that combines orchestral, folk, and experimental aspects, or a clarinet sonata that uses elements such as Balinese gamelan, atonal, rock, and jazz, but in a recital setting.

(3) Because you have to pay the original copyright holder a licensing fee, I'm starting out small.

(4) Sort of. Because some of the songs haven't really seen the light of day, they could be simply "mastered," or "pre-mastered."

(5) Trying to make it worth your financial while here!

(6) The other one is on this album as well.

(7) I do not think these songs can responsible for any weight gain you might experience. If so, I'll make sure and make diet song on the next album.

(8) Dropping 4th semester theory on you!

(9) When it doubt, go meta.

(10) I.e. songs not about food, words, or writing music. I have a pet peeve about people calling the music I write "not serious" or "not real music."

(11) Which may make it to a future "jimlapbap classics" album.

(12) Also, this song was venting my frustration that most houses and apartments in Honolulu have no air-conditioning and you have to deal with 80-90 indoors for most of the year. If you do have A/C, it costs about $300 more a month on your electric bill. Of course hotels and businesses have it—the tourists would be complaining about the heat and might not want to visit again.

(13) To the point where when they added a live band to back them up, they lost some fans. They didn't lose me.

(14) All but three on this list of teachers and professors have the "Doctor" title, so if you see them, make sure to address them as such.

Congratulations for reading all this! Or, at least, skipping to the bottom!


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