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The Wizard

by The Wizard

Power ain't something you earn but something you take. My self-titled cd:The Wizard will show you just that.The cd will show you how to take power if you are not scared.Anybody can be scared just as long as they don't hold onto it.TAKE POWER NOW.
Genre: Metal/Punk: Punk Metal
Release Date: 

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1. Seven Stages of Hell (Demonic Version)
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2. The Humble Intellect (Worldly Version)
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3. Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie
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4. Why my life like this?
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5. Conquer The World
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Album Notes
Repent:for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.According to:

Confess your sins and change your ways ye fornicators,idolaters,effeminate,abusers of themselves with mankind.
Thieves,COVETOUS,drunkards,revilers,nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God.

People;Hell is real and you don't want to go there!!!!!!!
It's hot,painful,and accompanied with the gnashing of teeth on your body.(Constantly)
REPENT!!!!!!! REPENT!!!!!!! REPENT!!!!!!!

What would I get out of lying to you?
Surely;I would gain the same hell if I lied to you.

My Motto:I believe in miracles.

How do you know when your great?
1.When people talk terrible things behind your back but will never say it to your face.

How do you know when your great?
2.When your family and friends betray you and you continue
to stick up for them.

How do you know when your great?
3.When you build up such an invincibility where the only
thing the enemy(devil)can do is spread terrible lies.

Well;Listen here you little hatred bitch with nowhere to live and no family to love.You'll never ever be family!
You know who you are little bitch.You better keep running from pillar to post because if I see you am gonna kill you!
Anyone who knows me will gladly tell you that I don't speak idle words and I shall surely seek you out.
It's just a matter of time bitch! It's just a matter of time!
This isn't scare tactics but clear and cut warnings for you to dip and buy yourself some time.
You are going to need it! You are going to need it!

I do declare sincerely little bitch.

A Lil Wayne Quote

"Haven't I been good to you
Haven't I been sweet to you
Drag my name throught the mud
Bitch I come out clean
Cast away stones Bitch
I want even blink
This is not a math problem Bitch
I want even think
Amma leave you dead
Like a mink up under my sink Bitch"

A man's word and reputation is all he has and character
assassination shall only lead to your death bitch.
I shall bide my time with your death wish.
This is just a swan song to your oBITCHuary bitch.
You fat black buzzard and a scary canary bitch.
Bitch Bitch Bitch...and a thousand times bitch.
I have spewed my venom now prepare for the bite.Bitch

Time won't heal this wound because I don't forget nothing
and I won't forget nothing.I'm gonna boil me a bitch in crisco oil just to watch her brains bubble.I don't get mad but I shall get even 100 folds over.When you wake up you shall see me;when you go to sleep you shall see me;when you think everything done cooled down is when I will show up.You'll see my word is good!Assassinate my character assassinate your life bitch!

Can a lie be taken back?
Are entertainers of lies any different from that bitch
who creates them?
So for this;You gain the devil and lose a brother as if you really care.
You all know that I am born to raze hell.
I warned y'all years ago about that bitch.
Do y'all remember the 4 to 5 page letter I wrote at
chamblee tucker that made some cry? Y'all Remember!
What about when I started telling the truth in the
kitchen and before I could finish I was flanked on all
sides and silenced.That also happened on chamblee tucker.
Y'all Remember!
Warning after warning and termination after termination
and no one defended the truth.
However;Y'all will defend lies even unto the pits of hell.
Yes you did and yes you will.
Let's go back to when the business was pioneered.It
started in Alpharetta so can someone please tell me who was there? Me and my ex ex sister was there.That's who!
Then it went to Brandon Lane and a certain member
of my ex ex family said verbatim,"Can you come and work with the family business and be partners?
We will print you up your own business cards etc etc etc...
I said hell knawl because I knew that my family would
fuck me in the end.
That certain ex family member said verbatim;"Oh,so you would rather work for the white man than your own family"?
I took a deep breath and said;"O.K.,I will work with
the family and not for the family".
The business cards and the et cetera's I really could have
done without.What made me sign up for this futility
was the word family.
Ofcourse months later as I predicted;I was fired!
Fired and re-hired and fired and re-hired...
I told my ex ex family that I felt mistreated about
all this firing and re-hiring a so called family member
all willie-nillie.I received no reply so let me put
it in lay terms.I was ignored and treated as insignificant!
I told them I should have stayed in Alpharetta and
continued to work for the white man.At least I would have known where I stood.
That same ex ex family member that invited me to work for the so called family business said verbatim;"Grow Up".
Although that comment pissed me off I stop complaining about this mistreatment.
However;The mistreatment didnot stop so I said again;"I should have stayed in Alpharetta and worked for the white man".
At least;I would have known where I stood.
That same ex ex family member said verbatim;"Ain't
nobody stopping you from going to Alpharetta".
Alpharetta Georgia that is.The last time I was fired they
(my ex ex family)stated that I would be treated as
any other employee if I came back.The problem with this is that my ex ex family should have told me this from jump-street instead of lying to me after the fact.See now we have problems with inequality when it comes to family business and family as a whole.The most hurtful thing in this world is when your family pre-judge you and then betray you.
I could not wrap my mind around this betrayal thing
so I started to self-destruct myself with alcohol and weed.
I am not mad I am pissed because I worked really
hard to keep my family together.
It has proven to be very difficult to fight the devil
when the devil is in your family.While I am fighting the devil my so called family members are fighting me.
I told y'all that bitch was evil and now we can never
go back to how it was.You ex ex family members listen
so very well.(That's Sarcasm)
Never in my life have I been treated bad for being
treated bad but God is good.If you cared about me
then you all would understand that last sentence.
However;Y'all don't care about me and I am still trying
to give you all some understanding no matter how futile
my efforts may seem.Nothing that I do is done in vain
and my words are as good as gold fastened by the assembly.
After this is finished then no more will be said about
this matter.
You all let that lying bitch infiltrate our so called
immediate family.Why?Because the bitch was jealous of what
we had.We had a family but you all let her break us up and that goes the same for those bitches in Florida.
When I was with y'all on chamblee tucker we prospered even
if I was treated like shit from jump-street.
I wasn't paid the same amount as other family members.
Then after I was cheated my money I still had to pay.
You all got together and said give the nigga this amount
and he'll be happy;as if you were doing me a favor.
Well;I was never happy with inequality and right makes might.
My ex ex family members wanted me to work for their company
for my hard work and moral support.After the wheels started
rolling is when I was considered expendable and was expended.
They kept their businesses and the money while I inherited
heart-break hotel.
They didnot want to show me anything so I was treated as
incompetent but we know better.I made a promise to myself
that I will show you all 100 times better for the wrongs
that has been done.
My ex ex family members know that I am a player who was just too nice.People shouldn't mistake kindness as stupidity or weakness because am much more deadly and vicious than anyone could ever imagine.
My ex ex family members stated,"Well what's wrong with the
boy and why can't he get his act together".
Well;Listen here ex ex family members;After being thrown
in a deep dark pit you all complain because I didnot get
out of the pit fast enough.
Well go figure and excuse the hell out of me!!!
They said;Why is he so sorry and don't want to work?
They said;What are we going to do with the boy because
I sure is hell ain't taking him in etc etc etc...
Every ex ex family member played their role in this mis-treatment and it will not fly.
Do you really think that boat will sail or that little
birdie will fly.Hitler stands a better chance of making it to heaven.
Maybe being betrayed by my ex ex family members played a role in my decline.
Maybe being used as a sacrificial lamb played a role in my decline.
I feel like some family members hated my presence and literally wanted to take me out.
Just like how Joseph's brothers treated him in Genesis chapter 37 and Luke chapter 15 verse 28.
Maybe being dispensed and treated unworthy for preservation
played a role in my decline.
However;That is the past NOW PAY TRIBUTE!!!
I have many examples and I hate to say that I have many
examples.I have many examples and I have come to the
conclusion in my thesis that we could never ever be family again now pretend like you care.
Another example:I moved into my ex ex sisters apartment for about one week and was kicked out on new years day.
Why;Because they tried to deposit my $50,000 dollar check
without my permission but the check didnot clear.
They also took out a $5,000 dollar advance on something
that wasn't theirs to begin with.
Were in the money! Were in the money!
Who do you think had to deal with check systems after that?
What makes me laugh is that they were upset because they
couldn't hustle their ex ex baby brother so they put me out soon afterwards.
I still moved their furniture out of town from that same apartment they kicked me out of.I loaded up the truck and drove it out of town;but can anybody recall?
This is when I was living in an efficiency in a seedy part
of town.
They would have rather broken their lease than let me finish the lease out.
They would rather do for a total stranger and non-family member than to help me out.
I asked my ex ex sisters to lend me $100.00 dollars one day and they said no because I wouldn't pay them back.
(Keep in mind how my ex ex family members got into business to begin with)
Days later an ex-employee asked them for $200.00 dollars
and guess what?
They never got their $200.00 dollars back.
They have never known me to welch on a promise or loan and I am not about to start now so take heed to this manifesto.
All of my ex ex family members talked down to me and oh how I loved my ex ex family members.
All of them now PAY TRIBUTE!
You all never considered how bad I was treated
so for this;PAY TRIBUTE!
What I am really saying is y'all are some ungrateful
motherfuckers and if it wasn't for Alpharetta y'all
would be shit.Not the shit but shit.
Y'all better show this boy some respect because y'all
are now my tributaries.PAY TRIBUTE!
I ran those bitches back to Florida when no one
knew what to do?Y'all call me when something go
down because y'all already know.NOW PAY TRIBUTE!
The ironic part about the situation is that little lying bitch stayed with me at the hospital while everyone else got the hell on.Nevertheless;I am still going to kill you
little bitch.The rest of y'all better listen carefully.
That means to take serious heed because I ain't playin.
Y'all know I ain't playin.
I tried and tried with warning after warning but y'all
chose the devil over me.PAY TRIBUTE!
When I was attacked with lies you all chose the side
of thee attacker so for this;PAY TRIBUTE!
Remember when I use to be so nice and sweet?
Well;I suffered a snake bite to my heart and now my
heart is poison.PAYYYYYYY TRIBUTE!
Although I don't need your tribute the act in itself
may assuage my grief.This tribute thing is not a request
because my wisdom has made my heart sorrowful.
There is nothing that could be done to make this thing
right because y'all entertained lies and danced with the
Don't show my mother this web-site no more because if
you do I shall surely find out.Don't nobody need to
tell me nothing and once y'all realize this is when
you shall conform or be confounded in my wisdom filled
with grief.This ain't no game!
Meantime and in between time.PAY TRIBUTE!
When I was fired nobody said;"Hey that boy is family".
I would have stuck up for any of you so for that.
The company split and I was left high and dry;thus I started over from scratch.PAY TRIBUTE!
Oh;I paid alot but ofcourse you all are too blind to
see these things I have spoken of.
So for being blind;PAY TRIBUTE!
The reason y'all are too blind to see is because you all
don't care.So for lack of caring;PAY TRIBUTE!
Also for the time it took me to write this and the space
it took up on my web-site.PAY TRIBUTE!
This conclude my manifesto now pay tribute.
Documented:August 15,2008

The unknown soldier lyrics by:Jim Morrison
Wait until the war is over
And we're both a little older
The unknown soldier

Breakfast where the news is read
Television children fed
Unborn living,living dead
Bullet strikes the helmet's head

And it's all over
For the unknown soldier
It's all over
For the unknown soldier,uh hu-uh

Gut it out;My little precious little black babies.
If you don't get a quality education then you will commit
crimes to make money.
Crimes only equal to jail or the grave.
How can you possibly function in a "Polite Society"If
you are in jail or the grave?
We shall encourage our little black children to gut it out
and get as much education as they possibly can.
Go to school and get a part-time job just like I did when I was in middle school.
Then when you reach high-school and college you will have experience in the work force.
Your part-time job will give you a sense of responsibilty thus your confidence increase.Keep going to school so you can increase in knowledge thus you increase your earning potential to make money.
Surely you are beautiful and can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!
Philippians ch4:13
School and working a part-time job will raise your social skills because you will be encouraged to deal with people instead of running out on your school and job.
Don't let nobody make you quit your school and job.
You shall win the war when you stay in school and keep a job.
You will lose the war when you quit school and don't keep a job.
Going to school and having a job will keep you out of trouble.My mother always told me that an idle mind is a devil's work shop.Get out and do something with your life my little babies.GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING GOOD WITH YOUR LIFE.
The hunt is on and you are the prey so don't go out like no suckers.Listen to these words I am telling you little black soldiers!!! Come in out of the rain and listen to these words of wisdom.
You can be a lawyer,doctor,business owner or anything that you want to be.WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?
I know that the economic disparities with unlivable social settings influence the willingness to learn.
If you live in a rough environment then that rough environment may live in you.
I was watching the HBO documentary"Hard Times at Douglass High"and those kids are in survival mode.
It must be really hard to learn in a survival mode-like state.Armies are trained to learn and survival mode but these are little kids.
Most of these kids are not in school to learn but escape the harsh conditions of the city streets.
That's why I stress that these kids need to have a after school job because no one really have a clue what these kids go through after school.
They are stressed out before they hit the school thus sleep and struggle becomes a comfort zone.
That's what they have known ever since they could remember.
These are little soldiers trained and war academics.
It is a number of conditions that put my black people in jail or the grave.Lord Have Mercy!
The fear they have within is so sad because inside of them is a war zone.
Fear turns into aggression and that's due to the rough environment they live in everyday.
That's why the young man said he is going to keep it hood and gutter.
That young man would rather be at school because war is alot easier inside the school amongst his peers than out in the rough city streets of Baltimore.
He is still in war mode nevertheless!
Most of these kids are in war mode because that's what they have known since they could remember.
Struggle and War and War and Struggle.
I would love to know what type of breakfast and lunch program they have for those students.I am sure alot of those kids don't eat breakfast and have no money for lunch.
That would also make it hard to concentrate on learning.
The young man with the braids and gold teeth is just a product of his environment.
Those kids are so defensive because they are stuck in a war-mode survival-mode like state.
Just think about what I just said for a minute.(pause)
It's quite obvious that those young people have endured more than most at a very early age.
These kids are like right at the edge of my generation with a 17 or 18 year difference.
I know plenty of people like them that made it out through hard work and doggit determination.Doggit Determination!
Most people don't have a clue what these young people go through so they speculate.
These young black people are trained to live in an environment where they must be alright and show no weakness.
Hard Times are not new to black people and that's why we survived slavery,the kkk,Jim Crow,disenfranchisement on every level imaginable etc etc etc...
I have a question for all of you who are reading this.
Would you be able to concentrate fully on school studies if you lived in a war-zone like environment?
Just think about if you lived in an enviroment with gun-shot shooting,killings,violence,rape,constant harassment by demons due to economic inequality accompanied with genocide.DON'T YOU GET IT!
If you live in a war zone then violence automatically becomes your defense mechanism.(Either you survive or you die).
If you live in a peaceful environment then there is peace.
These economic and social playing fields MUST become equal or they will migrate to a suburban community near you.
This is a seething boiling kettle ready to boil over.

Quote The Wizard; Nevermore

Just because gas is going on $5.00 dollars a gallon
don't mean they want dilute it.
Think about it!

Hillary Clinton goes belly-up and bows down to
Barack Obama as Anastasia screamed in vain.

Please say A prayer for A LION by the name of Ted Kennedy.
Thank You!

Get a $5.00 dollar electronic gift card.Why Not?
Just go to: and search:The Wizard

1.Inflate your tires
2.Get up earlier in the morning for work so you can
3.Car pool
4.Public Transportation
5.Buy a Hybrid car
6.Go green with straight oil
7.Get a job closer and walk to work and get in shape at the same time.SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!
If everyone would do atleast one of these things everyday
then demand would go down on gas along with the gas prices.

The more money we spend on gas will increase gas prices so everyone here in America must participate in atleast one of these gas saving activities.

OH YEAH!AMERICA;Don't expect your government to lower gas prices and do anything for you.We as American's must band together like a band of brothers and do for ourselves.
We must first inspire our children to explore their potential which will inspire them to learn on their own.
Go to the libraries on their own.Look up right knowledge on their own because the government only look out for a certain group of people.Rich People!
We as American must be self-governing on every aspect of our lives.I tell you the truth!Now let's save some gas!

America;Do not be flim-flammed when I tell you these things but just go through the motions anyway.
Secret societies my friend!
Secret societies!

Here is an ode to all you little racist player haters.
Your vote don't count anyway bitch!
How is that for poetry?

If is the question?
If Rev.Jeremiah Wright was lying about the government then why do people get so upset?
If Rev.Jeremiah Wright was telling The Truth then why do people get so upset?
If Rev.Jeremiah Wright's words don't hold water then why do people get so upset?
Rev.Wright's words are clearly spiritual and not politically based on Barack Obama's views.
Politicians lie but Spiritual people tell The Truth to Power.
Telling The Truth is a dangerous occupation!
For example:Jesus Christ
The Apostle Paul
Nathan The Prophet
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Etc Etc Etc...

Barack Obama was attacked on all sides like The Alamo;but yet The Alamo still stands.

Hillary is a sweetheart regardless of how her campaign was ran!

I pray that this race for the presidency don't bring on race riots.
This presidential race will actually show how divided we really are!

STOP! Hating on people because that is a weak emotion
and the lady of a people.The only way to set things right
is by vigorous war.Like it or not?

Would America be surprised if I said"The presidency has already been decided before anyone even stepped into a voting booth.
Examples:Bush in 2000 and 2004
The secret societies control the money so they decide who gets the presidency.

My boy just might get 4 years after all !

We can't really get mad at Baby Bush because he is doing what he is suppose to do.
That boy is ushering in a new world order.
The euro is worth more than the U.S. dollar so it's quite obvious that The European Union is going to run a one world government.
The power of the buck my friend.
The power of the buck.
Baby Bush is just a cartoon character that we use to watch on tell-lie-vision back in the day.The cartoon character basicly looks like Bush and The whole world is out of order.Those who use to watch cartoons know what I am talking about where Bush is bogged down in the oval office and helicopters are flying round about The White House in chaos.Don't observe the shows but the subliminal connotations.

When you observe Baby Bush;Do you really think he cares about recession,depression,or what type of state your in?
The boy is just doing his job and that is to bankrupt The United States of America and he's doing one hell of a job.
Wouldn't you agree?

Telling the truth can get you in trouble but God is pleased.
Does it suppose to be some type of mystery that black people are displeased?
Just think about the history of America and then understand where the anger comes from.
2.The treatment of The Native Americans(Indians)
3.Civil Rights(Jim Crow Laws)
5.Hatred of the black man
7.Stereotypical preconceived notions of The Black Man

Did America not know these things?
The civil rights movement was just a few decades ago.
What really amazes me is when people get upset about The Truth.
If you were treated like black people you would probably be a little angry as well.
The things that black people go through everyday would be your worse nightmares.
Maybe we have the right to raze just a little bit of hell.
Wouldn't you agree?

I am not by any means razing hell; am I?

Good examples of telling the truth and the trouble that follows.
1.The Prophet Elijah
2.Daniel in the Lions Den
3.Shadrach,Meshach,and Abed-Nego

The best example of The Truth is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I have documented scriptures all through out my web-sites so I encourage you to research examples one,two,three and ofcourse Jesus Christ for your own enrichment and edification.

3/20/08 Documentation is complete

Skull and Bones-Well skull and bones deal with espionage,drug smuggling,and secret societies rolled into one.
A member of skull and bones is George W. Bush and it's no wonder why he is tapping your phones and computers.

How the CIA created Osama Bin Laden

Go to the web-site:
and click under the heading(How the CIA created Osama Bin Laden).
There are plenty of secret societies to study and every president has and always will be a part of one.
If you want to know where America is going then you must study where they are coming from.
The Illuminati and the Halls of the illuminated ones have and always will decide who is going to be president.
It is going to be a unifier because it has always took a black man to unify.
Example:Martin Luther King Jr.

Barack Obama plays Erich Von Stroheim as the candidate soon to be president you love to hate.


Who am I? The Wizard Gad.
I am an illuminate;the illuminate the great.
The illuminati is a person claiming to possess special
knowledge or enlightenment.
So don't try it Bitch.
That's why my web-sites are designed to show the under-dog
how to take power.PERIOD!
Big Up to Mighty Mighty Records Inc because were in full effect baby and please don't forget it.

A jewel from The Wizard aka Poet Supreme.

People will believe a lie over the truth without observation so don't worry about people.
No time for looking back on the past because what's
done is done baby.

The United States are in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we think we can get a fair shake from the Saudis and Opac.
That has to be one big joke.Ha!Or just one big conspiracy.Wow! Or just downright ignorant.Duhhh!

If you bought your Sabbath cd at the store instead of
stealing it then maybe just maybe Black Sabbath isn't
your cup of tea.We Love You! Goodnight

Barack Obama could be a part of The Halls of Illuminations because those cats are the ones who choose the president.
Shushhhhhhh!It's suppose to be a secret.
George W.Bush is way too dumb to be a part of that secret society.HA HA HA
Hell,He barely made it into skull and bones so thanks to his daddy.HA HA HA(pause)HA HA HA HA HA...
If Barack Obama wins the presidency then this is definely
a sign of the end times and the last shall be first.
The prophecies fit like a hand and glove.

AMERICA;Should we really have a problem with having a Black President after 400 years of tyranny to the Blacks and the Indians.
Keep in mind that the Indians were here well before the white man and the white man stole their land now break bread white man.Break Bread!
Keep in mind that the rascism and disenfranchisement you have towards the black man was because of vigorous slave labor.Hell,The black man built this country off our blood,sweat,and tears now break bread white man!

Moab Joab aka The Wizard

A Moab Joab Call To Arms!

My premonition
Is a means of atrition
A demolition
Now watch my fruition
And take your tuition
The polices said;
Assume the po-sition
The guiding light
The triton light
The Alamo;
I am Napoleons defeat
At Waterloo

There is a war going on outside and the streets are
no longer safe my friends.
Time is drawing nigh my little babies!

Another Moab Joab call to arms!

It's survival of the fittest and only the strong survive.
Build yourselves up physically,mentally,and spirtually and don't just don't be a shell.
Be born to raze hell !

A Wizard Poem inspired by Jim Morrison.

All your life you sweat and slave
Preparing for a shallowy grave
Your last breath
Is a swallowy taste
The halls are deep and wide
And narrow with gates
And if it's hell
you will be sadly dismayed
Hell is not better than this place
We displaced
Enjoy the mundane things
You hasten to chaste

Another Wizard Poem inspired by Alexander The Great,Sun Tzu, and all great war generals!
This poem is called:Pissed

What more could it be
We're easily deceived
I walk around this country
My Indians and Me
We bleed
You hee-haws killed the Chehaw
The black and white kids
Play on see-saws
Revolutionary revolt
For my ancestry
I leave them devils in the dust
As they bite the earth crust
I don't turn back to fuss and cuss I bust
Am full of Nat Turner's Revolt
Steady as she goes
Just like a full ironed body colt
John Brown's Abolitionist
Listen to the revolver click
I ain't the one to just let it ride
These are just words
You scary Bitch rusted clit
Like King Jehu
I am rolling hard
You eunuchs
Throw Jezebel out the window
The bloody Scotland Yard
The evil devils Tard
Saber in mouth
Guns in my hands
Charge like Toutant Beauregard
Somebody has been shit-listed
Don't pisseth upon the wall

You can't say:
"No web of a spell with no spin"
Three times real fast.

This web-site is designed for wimps to become men and the women will never be the same again my friend.
Beautiful Friend

One must not fight against past hurt because when you try
to forget your hurt is when those painful thoughts will spring up like a virus.
Let's reverse our psychology!
The only way to overcome your past hurt is to embrace it like a badge of honor and courage.
Now when hurtful thoughts come into your mind you can accept them and then let them go.
Don't fight your hurtful thoughts because then you will hold onto them.
Once you accept the fact that you were hurt is when those past hurts have no power.
The next time you think about who or what hurt you is when you should give a big smile of acceptance.
Just try this exercise and thus you no longer live in the past.Acceptance my friend;Acceptance!
You can stop fighting yourself and surrender yourself now.
The Wizard; Nevermore

Do you want to elevate your life?
Challenging yourself will help you deal with fear.
Consistant levels of elevation requires challenging your fears through confrontation.
I am not talking about a violent confrontation because the confrontation is within yourself.
There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
Well who is fear?
Who is itself?
You are itself.
Take a good look in the mirror in observe fear.Once you are able to study your fear is when you can confront your fear or yourself.Its basically the same thing.

FEAR-false evidence appearing real is when you doubt yourself.
FAITH-forsaking all in trusting him is when you believe in yourself.
GRACE-God's riches at Christ expense for those who believe.

Confess with your mouth that The Lord Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour!
John 3:16
For God so Loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son,that whosoever believe in him(Jesus)should not perish,but have everlasting life.

St.Matthew Ch 4:17
From that time Jesus began to preach,and to say,Repent:for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

First John Chapter 4:3-4
Second John Chapter 6-8
Second John Chapter 9
Luke Chapter 6:46-And why call ye me,Lord,Lord, and do not the things which I say?
Refer to:Malachi Chapter 1:6

Turn from your sins and then live life more abundantly.
I tell you the truth and nevermore.

Tell me who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
St.Matthew Ch 5
The Lord Jesus Christ said:

Blessed are the poor in spirit:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they that mourn:for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek:for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:for they shall be filled.

Blessed are the merciful:for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart:for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers:for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are ye,when men shall revile you,and persecute you,and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely,for my sake.

Rejoice,and be exceeding glad:for great is your reward in heaven:for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
You will read right into verse 19 and Jesus said:
WHOSOEVER therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so,he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven:but WHOSOEVER shall do and teach them,the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

There is another thing in this world that you can't buy or sell.
Don't be dumb;get yoself some.

One must overcome fear to have guts.
Tips on overcoming fear...
-You must expose yourself to your deepest darkest fear.
-You must confront your fears in order to be free from them.
-Fears are evil spirits and if you don't confront them then they will haunt you.
-Fear are little haters and they are worse than bloggers.

Confront fear my friends
Confront fear

Be loyal to yourself.If you say you are going to do something then just do it.
Loyalty is a great attribute that is intertwined with love.

You must forgive your enemies and then your ready for war.If you don't forgive your enemies then get the hell off the battle field.YOU ARE RENDERED USELESS!

Don't hate people because they are different but love them because God is our Father and we are his children.

Who is The Wizard?
A Black Triad.
A Wizard Rule-If you are having problems maneuvering through this world then I have one word to say.
Either you got them or you don't.

Listen;Young people should respect their elders because
young people will become old.
The same disrespect and disregard you have for the old will
come back on you.
When you disrespect your elders is when you will become
over the hill at an early age.I tell you the truth!
Age is vanity and the fear of The Lord is Forever.

Psalm ch 19:7
1 corinthians ch 11:1-3
Genesis ch 3:16

The only time a man should be aggressive with a woman is when he is either pimping her,teaching her,or sexing her.
Good Aggression.
Bad aggression is being aggressive just for the sake of aggression.
Although women are evil;that don't give us the right to fondle their nipples at wild concerts and unruly social events.

The Wizard,Nevermore

America believe in God We Trust but not The Law of God which is perfect.Our children must believe in the law of God.Society must conform to the law of God which is perfect.
I tell you the truth.
Romans ch 7:2
Deuteronomy ch 23:17
People don't choose to be black,white,latino,or asian but people choose to be a fag or lesbo.
You must be the race God made you but you choose to be gay.
How could you possibly compare being gay to the civil rights movement?How about comparing being gay to the actual factual laws of God.I dare you?I double dog dare you!!!!!NOW YOU DEAL WITH IT!
Psalm ch 119:142
1 kings ch 14:24
Sodomy-sexual intercourse with a member of the same sex or with an animal.If you are gay or sleeping with animals then that makes you a sodomite and you are an abomination(s)to the nation(s)!
Feel free to e-mail me your comments so I can hit you upside the head with the word of God.

The Wizard,Nevermore

Revelation Chapter 1:15

The requirements are:
1.Express love to everyone and especially to those who are not so lovable.The love can be tough or tender but it must be in love.
2.A soldier must make his or her way in this world.He/she can listen to advice but the final decision belongs to that soldier.
If anyone complains or becomes upset with your decision then tell them to go to hell.You really don't need them anyway.
Win,lose,or draw;Live with your decisions and be a real true soldier.
When you die you die alone so live your life.
People are around you but you are alone.
SO BABY! Live your life and be a real true soldier.

The Wizard-Nevermore

Note:If you are around your parents then it is paramount that respect and obedience loom.
If you are grown then you really need your own space.(trust me)You can't do what you want in your parents space.
If your parents summon your presence then get there and do what they tell you to do.(You soldier You)!
I use the word summons because there must be restraint,respect,and obedience when dealing with authority.
(sort of like court)FOLLOW PROTOCOL!!!
If you have a rebellious spirit towards your parents(authority)then move to another state and visit on holidays.
Make sure when you visit your parents;leave your rebel spirit at home and follow protocal.(Respect)
I personally prefer the prior of this note because your parents may need you!
O.K.,Your a rebel but a soldier must show restraint to authority and order to be authoritative.
I don't make the rules but I try hard to follow thereby.
O.K.,Your rough,raw,and tough as nails but you have nothing without respect and restraint to authority.
Respect is a whole lot radical and revolutionary then most give credit for.(I tell you the truth)
Whenever you are disobedient to your parents then you answer to a higher authority.
Do you see how impossible it is to escape authority.(Trust me I have tried)
Parents are battled tested and can prove to be a valuable allie in this world filled with war.
The Wizard,Nevermore

I am not the black Charles Manson but you really don't want to mess with me.That's the most valuable advice I can give you!
Now let's pause for A Wizard Poetry Moment!

They call me Wiz I am a rapper
I see a girl and tap her
I take her on the floor
She don't dance I'll slap her
The girl start to cry
and the crowd's acting wild
but if Wiz says dance
you do or die!

My Philosophy on Females
Any girl that was my girl is always my girl.
That's just the type of guy that I am.

The Wizard is having another poetry moment!

To all you Bitches
From around the world
I wrote these songs for you
You might not like my raps
But I am telling you Bitch it's true

A poetry moment by:Mafia The Mack

I was Lampin with this honey
She jumped in my shower
Ten whole minutes seemed like an hour
I opened up the shower curtains
Her TT'S were hot
Lick an AIDS infested clit
And now her coochie is damp
10 per cent first fruits
Shouldn't go to get vamp
Buy some candy pop rocks
And get the change from a food stamp

A Moab Joab Poem :The ABB

I love war
It's romantic
You hate war
It drives you frantic
This ain't no hip-hop battle
Singin contestants
Am droppin A-Bombs
You will simply just say DAMN IT!
These gems are Pulitza
A German Hulitza
A Abram Panzer
I will simply condamn ya
Some battle with words
But I battle with guns
Some contemplate battles
Re-act and just bust one
Am droppin bombs on these bitches

Another Moab Joab Production.
This poem is called:Rifles,Musketts,and Bayonette

I was at Gettysburg,Antietam,and Shiloh
The only brother with a halo
Telling union soldiers lalo
Studying terrain;we flanked
Timing precise and exact
Faked them out with a rebel yell
On bloody Sunken lane
Dead smack into the raveins
We blowin steam like The Miramac
I could not disguise our advance
But even still I yelled attack
I heard Frederick and Harriat
As a bullet ruffled the flax
Half-Dead on my back
Practiced war make it perfect war
Still under the gun
It seem like we just begun
The bloody stalemate won
(Repeat the last line over and over again for effect)

The Iraq War is a stalemate because their is no line drawn for victory.When we compare and contrast wounds and loss of life then we must reconsider if it was even a stalemate.
What did America gain besides a more organized Bin Laden?

Anyone who voted for George W.Bush in 2000 and 2004 are partly responsible for the war.When you vote as an American you must understand the ramifications of your vote without complaint.(stolen vote or not)
Daddy Bush went into Iraq with the understanding of not starting a war with her.Daddy Bush made his point and got out of there just like how a wise president suppose to preside.
Oh No!But not Baby Bush!Baby Bush said"I am going to finish what my daddy could not finish and be considered the bestest president in the universe.
The only problem is that you missed the mark and are considered the worst president past,present,and future.
Daddy Bush was on t.v. crying for you and your ignorance and now you feel a deep desire to go back to Crawford, Texas and kick your feet up.Do your little uncoordinated dance back to Crawford,Texas and let the big boys handle the big jobs.Go on your back porch and rock and your rocking chair or play in the dirt again or do whatever it is that your not good at doing kind sir. Go back home and rest a spell with your mint juleb lemonade drinking top hat from a circus clown wearing one line sentence snaring sneering and half hearted grinnin and chinnin kind sir.
Your term is up kind sir.
The Wizard,Nevermore

Listen-means to take serious heed.

The Wizard give special thanks to:
A goddess name Luna who taught me some old testament scriptures and how to study the bible.

A goddess name Diane who took care of me and heard me out.
I pray that it wasn't too much trauma on her little kitty kat.

A George W. Bush Quote:
"You should have thought of what you did before you done did it.Now that you done did it's done.
I am baby Bush so bring it on and come and get it".

Well Mr.Bully Bush;
You thought it would be easy to jump on Iraq and now you got our young men and women flanked on all sides.
That sir is called a quagmire.Time is wasting!
We need to pull our young people out of Iraq quickly and methodically.
We need to pull our young people out of Iraq like Spitzer pulled out of Ashley Alexander Dupre.
All you had to do from jump street was drop a few bombs where it would have benefited Iraq and America and then got the hell on.
Never let the enemy know you are coming but just show up.
That sir is called an Ambush or Element of Surprise.
Due to the lack of incompentency we now deal with reprisals that cause American Life.
This Iraq War has been going on longer than world war 2 and it's due to baby Bush and the Bush cabinat advisors.
Seems to me that their decisions are like old school cabinets from an old school cabin.
Well;Mr Bully Bush
You let China get away with sending all those bad imports over here to America and don't say nothing.
Sir;You don't say nothing and you don't do nothing.
Why?Because you know that Hu Jintao would knock you upside your head and then tell you to get the fuck out of here;IN CHINESE!
Mr.Bully Bush
You could have captured Bin Laden a long time ago at Tora Bora.
Why didn't you just chase Bin Ladin into Pakistan and even into the sea?
Why? I tell you why.Pervez Musharraf told Baby Bush and he said;"I will tell you like Hu Jintao told you so get the fuck out of here little boy"!IN PAKISTANI!
Musharraf also told Baby Bush in an aggressive voice"What's my name chump"!IN ENGLISH and then Musharraf
proceeded to laugh.
Well Mr Bully Bush;It seems to me that you just got chumped off again.
Sir;Your tactics are much worse than the tactics at Antietam and Antietam was 146 years ago today.
Mr.Bush,Baby Bush,Bully Bush you may just be a good ole boy but boyyyyyyy you ain't no President and you should just strike the word "general" right out of your vocabulary.
With all due respect;The Wizard

It's quite obvious that ya'll ain't hearing me so I will flip the script.
Iraq,Iran,and Syria has been around for thousands of years.
The same goes for Isreal and Palestine like in B.C. times.
America has been around for about 4 to 6 hundred years not really counting the Indians who were already here.
Nevertheless;I digress because that's a totally different topic such as slavery.Jab Jab
America should no longer talk down to and dictate to these ancient civilizations.
America should get off their high horse and talk with these countries for the sake of peace keeping resolutions.
If a super power keep on making war with these countries then how and why should we expect peace.IT'S COMMON SENSE.
The United States cannot force people to be what we want them to be.All we can do is give the information and let the countries decide for themselves.
We cannot bomb these countries into submitting to our will of democracy.We can only convey the information and let nature take it's course.
Once the information has been conveyed is when we sit back and judge with proper care and force when needed.Decisions can no longer be made for just political purposes because we are no longer on one accord so it is no longer radical.
For example;The president has tons of advisors but nothing can get done because they are no longer on one accord thus it's no longer radical.
It's radical to try and make The World peaceful and democratic yet it is possible.
However;The United States Government have too many branches and leaves with their own opinions and agendas and that makes it hardly possible.
We have homeland security right here in America so that the American people can feel protected.
How do you think Iraq and Afganistan feel about America invading their homeland.
America cannot even fathom another military force from another country invading our homeland so flip the script.
How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot.
Another example is Vietnam!God bless all of our American Veterans.
Do America really think Iraq and those nearby countries are gonna just lay down and let that birdie fly?
They feel the same way about their country as we feel about ours.
Can America really blame those countries for fighting back?
It should be no wonder why the world have antipathy for the good ole U.S.A.
Just read The book of Revelations and then you will SEE what I am talking about.You will visualize what I am talking about.


2.2 Billion people are dead soon enough.The sun is black!The moon is blood soiled!The trumpets are blowing!
The seven seals! The seven vials! The seven trumpets!
Conquering power,war and blood,The sun is smitten and the plague is locust.EarthQuakes Baby!
Trumpets are royal there are bloods of boils!Ashes Ashes we all fall down!Ring around the rosies pocket full of posies ashes ashes we all fall down.
The seas and rivers are filled with blood!Cyber Scrub?
Revelation Ch:16- Euphrates,Hail,Hattes,and Sheol!Ghana Ghana Megiddo's Real!
Read Revelation and see(visualize)what you read.

Bad company is much to be desired and designed to bring you down.(Just a Jewel)
(More Jewels)
Givers always and I mean always gain.Giving is something that you learn to do.
Luke Chapter 6:38-(First Fruits)
Todays decisons are tomorrows realities.
Stay away from bad company and give 10 percent of all your
increase to the Lord.I dare you.I double dog dare you.
Selfishness is a cancer!
Greed is a cancer!
Luke Chapter 6:38-Give,and it shall be given unto you;good measure,pressed down,and shaken together,and running over,shall men give into your bosom.For with the same measure that you mete withal it shall be measured to you again.You reap what you sow and sow what you reap.Law states that when you plant apple seeds you get apples.When you plant orange seeds you get oranges.The seeds that you plant reproduce after itself more abundantly.Any farmer can tell you that sowing and reaping works.
Your heart is the soil wherein you plant your seeds.
This universal law aplies with Love,peace,happiness etc etc etc...
Let your imagination run wild and enter into a whole new realm of understanding.
Luke Chapter 6:38-Give,and it shall be given back to you in
1.Good Measure
2.Pressed Down
3.Shaken Together
4.Running Over

You must learn how to give from your heart and you will never be broke another day in your life.Say It!Say it right now!I will never be broke another day in my life because I will give with a heart of expectation.
I will listen to God and give him his 10 percent that already belongs to him.
If I gave you $1000.00 dollars and then asked for $100.00 dollars would you tell me no?If you told me no then you just made a terrible enemy.
Well;God woke you up this morning and you tell him no.Nothing that you have belongs to you so renew your mind on regards to giving.Giving good things will take care of every aspect of your life.
Giving brings incredible peace unto the givers life.I encourage you to have The Givers Life.You must overcome your fears by giving.
Your vulnerable fear saddens me.Moving Right Along...
Money is a defense but you have more than money to give.Alot More!
Love is the most important thing you can give because love transcends all things.
Love to work so you can give 10 percent of your income to the Kingdom of God.
Don't use love to manipulate but use love to love.
Once you use love to manipulate then you have sown lust and lust is what you shall reap.
When you sow to the wind then you shall reap the whirlwind.
Give and it shall be given!The same laws apply with giving hate or anything for that matter.
If you stress someone out then prepare to be stressed out.
It's the law baby.It's the law.
Give your way to staggering wealth and don't stop giving.
The worst thing you can do is stop giving because poverty creeps.
Even wealthy people know the power of giving so don't stop giving.(Less you play with fire)
Selah!Think it over.
Anything that is not 10 percent of all earnings is a highway robbery.
What do you really have to lose?When you die your valuables mean nothing to you.Your life is bought at a cost so are you willing to do The Will of God?Well are you?
Jesus Christ gave his life for you yet you cry over 10 percent of your earnings.The Lord Requires these things as a test of your faith.If you are faithful then your 10 percent will be multipled.If you don't give 10 percent then you will lose what you have.
Your faith in The Law of Giving is much more valuable and critical(criteria)than you could ever imagine.
Knowledge and Wisdom Rules!
The poor man knew about the dangers down the road but the rich man did not.Who is better off?
The rich man or the poor man?
Money cannot save you in the hour of judgment so what did you give?
What did you give while you were here on God's Green Earth?

It is utterly imposible to receive abundantly without giving.The definition of a person who receives without giving is a thief.A thief will rob his Mother,Father,and The Lord Himself.
You my friend are a thief if you are not giving 10 percent of your income to The Kingdom of God.You thief You.
Everything that you have come from God and you have a problem with giving 10 percent.
Well;Let's see how much your life is worth.
Surely;God don't need your 10 percent you petty little miser you.
The whole principle of this thing is faith and has yours went out to lunch? or what!
Some of you really have nothing to lose so I will advise you to try this.Try Giving Now.
Example:A church where souls are being saved and people are being healed and delivered.
A church where the hungry gets full and the naked are being clothed.
If you cannot make it to church then mail your 10 percent into the church.BY ANY MEANS.
Watch your life elevate to a whole new dimension.
What do you have to lose in order to understand The Law of Giving?(GIVERS GAIN)!
Are you doing the same things over and over again just to get the same results?
Are you insane?Well become sane!

My philosophy on the double-cross is quite simple.
If you double-cross me then you die.
I don't play them type of games unless they are
for keeps.
The explanation for this method of madness is betrayal.
When you under-estimate and roll the dice is when I will kill all you little haters.(With No Emotions)
You little haters know who you are.

A prophet of Rage,Nevermore

Hello! Hello! Hello!
Hell is lo
O.K. No more Ballistics for now!
How about a poem.
This one is called:Viruses and Worms
By:The Poet Supreme

Viruses and Worms they squirm
The knight called Balthazar
If you want a long cyber-life
Don't venture off too far
Keep your searches simple
Till you learn the stars
Anonymous Invasion of
Squares and Moons and Stars
Viruses are Comets
The Worms are Quasars
Keep it simple stupid
Lest your engine(s)run on Tar
You'll keep spending money on
Those Squares and Moons and Stars
Squares and Moons and Stars
Hi hoe the merry hoe
Squares and Moons and Stars

Log or call 1-800-916-0103
and make or send your best gift!
and give for a change.
and give for a change.

Jewels from The Wizard Supreme!

It is so very hard to live with your own mistakes!
Well;can someone please tell me why do we live with other people's mistakes!
I would not take your medication because it was not prescribed for me!
If me and one of my road dogs went in on a case then my share would be 12 beers!
I would hope that my road dog would be able to keep up and if he's drinking with me then he will! Why?Because the trip has just begun!The Wizard never ever start out on a trip that he can't finish and people with weak constitutions need not apply for the journey! My mistakes are my own and mine alone!If you are riding with me then there shall be no complaining!
Feeling sorry for yourself is totally unacceptable in my world!
Quote The Wizard;Nevermore!

Water excels alcohol like day excel night.
Vegetables excel marihuana like the hare excel the tortoise.
The battle is not to the swift,smart,or the mighty!Time and chance happens to us all.
The battle is to the wise!!!
Have you ever seen a grown man complain.I would encourage any man who complain to stop your bitching and do the answer!Don't say the problem but do the answer!NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT YOUR CONFLICT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

By Bruce Ferguson also known as The Wizard
Murder is a terrible thing.
A high-risk pregnancy is a terrible thing.
Abortion is a terrible thing and I don't care how many laws you pass.I know for a fact that people will make their own decisions regardless of what laws are in effect.
If a person feels like their life is at stake then a murder can occur.
If the doctor told a woman she could possibly die if she have her baby then what should she do?Does a man know what he would do?
We all make choices in life where the gray lines have no boundaries.Regardless;People are going to do what people are going to do.
If you pass a law stating that women have no choice with their pregnancy then you are basicly provoking women to abort their babies!Think about it!!!
It's the same thing with prohibition and when you try to prohibit!If you tell people they cannot drink then they will drink at a speak easy!If you tell people they cannot smoke then they will smoke and I mean drink and smoke like never before!Certain things should be prohibited but there is a fine line between prohibiting and violating free will!I pray that the powers that be can discern the difference!I know the difference!
Quote The Wizard;Nevermore!

Mrs.Preacher;You have been deceived and now you must come into the knowledge of the truth.
Will you continue on with your evil ways after you hear the truth?
Will you go against the word of God?Yes Or No?
1.Corinthians Chapter 14:33-40
33.For God is not the author of confusion,but of peace,as in all churches of the saints.
34.Let your women keep silent in the churches:for it is not permitted unto them to speak,but they are commanded to be under obedience,as also saith the law.(1 Timothy ch.2:11,12)
35.And if they will learn anything;Let them ask their husbands at home:For it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
36.What! Came the Word of God out from you? Or came it unto you only?
37.If any man think himself to be a prophet,or spiritual,let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of The Lord.
38.But if a man be ignorant,Let him be ignorant.
39.Wherefore,brethren,covet to prophesy,and forbid not to speak with tongues.
40.Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Timothy Chapter 2:11-15
11.Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
12.But suffer not a woman to teach,nor to usurp authority over man,but to be in silence.
13.For Adam was first formed,then Eve.
14.And Adam was not deceived,but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
15.Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing,if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
Isaiah Chapter 56: 8-12
8.The Lord God which gathereth the outcasts of Israel saith,yet will I gather others to him,beside those that are gathered unto him.
9.All ye beasts of the field,come to devour,yea,all ye beasts in the forest.
10.His watchmen are blind:They are all ignorant,they are all dumb dogs,they cannot bark;sleeping,lying down,loving to slumber.
11.Yea,they are greedy dogs which can never have enough,and they are shepherds that cannot understand:They all look to their own way,every one for his gain,from his quarter.
12.Come ye,say they,I will fetch wine,and we will fill ourselves with strong drink;and tomorrow shall be as this day,and much more abundantly.
Note:(These Holy Scriptures come from The Holy Bible and people still debate.If you are not a follower of the teachings of The Bible just say so!
Why try to justify your wrong doings when the answer is spoken so clearly and repetitiously in the Bible.
You can tell who they are because the very seldomly preach from the bible.They very seldomly preach about salvation,deliverance,and healing.They just talk and talk non-sense from their own drunk minds.
I'll bet you they are drunk and high right now off of worldy spirits).
Saint Matthew Chapter 15:12-14
12.Then came his disciples,and said unto him,knowest thou that the pharisees were offended,after they heard this saying?
13.But he answered and said(Jesus is Speaking)every plant,which my Heavenly Father hath not planted,shall be rooted up.
14.(Jesus is still speaking)Let them alone:They be blind leaders.And if the blind lead the blind,both shall fall into
a ditch.
Quote The Bible; Nevermore!

Look at all the signs we get.America bully all these other little countries but they hoe up with China.How come America don't bully China?China has big big plans for America.We receive China's dangerous imports without even giving them a hassle.We don't even say stop sending these bad mother-fucking imports or nothing.
Maybe it's because China have 2 billion people and their army is strong.If we need to worry about any country it's China but America play dumb.
China's going to strike first and America's scared.
America never make the right decisions and always look at the wrong people.

1.They make bad decisions constantly.
2.They contradict themselves
3.They throw the black man in jail and make them do slave labour.(MODERN DAY SLAVERY)
4.They lie all the time
5.The racial divide is greater than ever before but no one pays attention.
What goes around comes around America!
What goes around comes around!
I am not bad mouthing my country by telling the truth am I?

The United States of America has become a third world country.
America isn't the richest nation on the block no more.It might sound nice to say only if it were true.
America has a deficit over trillions of dollars so what were doing is passing around debt.Hyper-Inflation is happening as we speak and sleep.The people with the big money is trying to get more because they know that the dollar want be worth hardly anything.People with no money will not be able to afford the high cost of American living and then all hell will break loose.Thus;You have a third world country.The wealthy people know that money is power so they will be more corrupt and do whatever it takes to prepare for these major changes.ARE YOU PREPARED?

I could make statements like all the presidential candidates and say that the power must go back to the people.I can say that We The People must vote on important issues such as war.
I could say alot of things to soothe and smooth things over just to have a position of power.
The truth is that it's a bit too late and we can't blame it all on George W. Bush.
Although Mr.Bush stole the vote;alot of people voted for George W. Bush and now we have to live with it.
I think the old saying goes like this"You made your bed now wallow in it"! or is it"Let sleeping Bushes Lie"!

It's quite obvious that the government is so corrupt that their no longer able to make quality decisions.(Reprobate Minds)
America has run it's course and corruption reigns supreme.
No matter how you put it we are fucked!

The money gap between the rich and the poor need to come closer in relation.
If this gap between the rich and the poor don't come closer in relation then anarchy is at hand.
Private fire and police departments will be for the rich and thus the poor is offended.
The rich people will have their own hospitals and safe-way space-way centers and the poorwill have not and thus the poor is offended.You will see the will of power and the survival of the fittest like animal kingdom.

All vietnam veterans need a public apology.
All veterans that fought in Iraq need a public apology.
Vigorous retaliation is something that should be
For example:If your enemy drop 1 bomb then you drop 2 bombs.
If your enemy drop 2 bombs then you drop 4 bombs.
If your enemies knock over the world trade center towers
then you penalize who did it and not the whole country(s).
You don't just drop bombs everywhere all willie-nillie.
That's the sign of an emotional reck who lack common sense.
The sad part about an emotional reck that lack common sense is that nothing gets done.
We don't have the person who did this(Osama Bin Ladin)and that's the bottom line.
Every great leader must know that the balance must be just when it comes to justice.
Why? Because an unjust balance of retaliation will only bring bad karma for those who execute it.(Our bible tells us that)It's common sense!
A just balance of justice and judgement is true diplomacy and common sense.


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Crash Helmet

Almost Intelligible
I like the way it's almost totally written in English. One of the great critical thinkers of our time. It'd be great if I could get a short form pamphlet of the Bible authored by this greatest of theologians.

Nuclear Bomb



Wiggy wiggy wiggy ... WHACK!
There hasn't been a rising rap sensation like this guy since Kriss Kross put their baseball jerseys on backwards and went traipsing 'round the hoods of Atlanta! He's the Daddy-Mac and the Mac-Daddy all rolled up into one fat joint. Some of them try to rhyme but they can't rhyme like this! Wooky wooky wooky wooky! He's the Gangsta rappah of schizophrenia ya'll!